Sunday, July 15

10 People Killed In Attack On Department Of Education In Jalalabad, Afghan City

10 People

Jalalabad: Ten people were killed and 10 injured in a terrorist attack on the Department of Education in Jalalabad city of Afghanistan, killing 10 people.

According to News Reuters, the attackers blew on the departments of the departments in the District District 3 of Jalalabad, where two explosions were heard near the building.

According to the spokesman of the governor of Nangarhar province, Ayatollah Khaggiani, the attackers surrounded many employees inside the building.

He said the number of invaders was 3, out of which 2 tore their suicide jackets and the third was killed by security forces.


No terrorist group yet claimed responsibility for the attack.

It is clear that this is the third major attack in Jalalabad for two weeks.

Earlier, a suicide bomb in Jalalabad on July 1 killed 19 people and injured several others.

On Tuesday even a suicide attack in the city killed at least 12 people, whose responsibility was accepted by the ISI.

On one hand, Taliban often keep operations in Afghanistan, where ISIS has strengthened its grip in the northern and eastern regions of the country.


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