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86% Of Pakistani Women Watch TV Instead Of Pregnancy Exercise: Research


During the large number of women, it is uncertain about the benefits of pregnancy. In his minds, it is a very misconception that exercise can harm pregnancy.

86% of women in Pakistan spend most of their time watching TV instead of pregnancy or walking. The result is that they do not suffer from the major benefits that during pregnancy get regular exercise.It has been revealed in a new research under Agha Khan University.

According to the information given by Voice Agency to the Voice of America, 450 women’s lifestyles were observed for this research, according to the figures in the light:

. During pregnancy, more than one woman in every three pregnant women in India was physically active
. Only three percent of them were women who had during pregnancy during exercise or at least half an hour for different sports.
. In total, such number of women becomes 36%.
. The majority of women, about 86% of women, said they used to do their leisure time in unusual activities. These tasks include watching TV.
. Secondary activity of pregnant women is permanent rest and
. The third ‘tomb’ is a strong diet

Dr Zahra Hood Bhai, Senior Instructor, Department of Pediatric and Child Health, Department of Agha Khan Hospital and University of Karachi, said that “the number of women during pregnancy is absolutely unaware of the exercise. Exercise in their minds It is a very misconception that exercising can harm pregnancy. ”

According to the study results, a small number of pregnant women is aware of how physical activity can contribute to the health and improvement of both mother and child.

According to the guidelines governed by global institutions, pregnant women, whose safety is complicated by complications, should take approximately 30 minutes for each day or every day of pregnancy.

Exercise is useful for pregnant women because exercise improves heart and heart health; during pregnancy protects from diabetes and hyper-tension; Help increase in need of weight is helpful and protects from post-maturation depression.

Pregnancy exercises also prove to be important and beneficial for a newborn as it improves the mother’s blood during pregnancy; during pregnancy child poses positive effects and during pregnancy the child remains safe or disturbed.

According to researchers, key physical activities of pregnant women generally include home work and maintenance of home-based moisture. All physical activities are important, but pregnant women should be aware of the importance of exercise and they should take time separately for exercise.

According to Dr Romina Iqbal, Associate Professor of Community Health Sciences, “Most women do not have suitable facilities for exercising if they want to exercise exercise. There is no suitable place for walking in many areas such as parks or clubs. They can imagine themselves safe, for this, federal, provincial and urban governments will have to play their role more effectively because it is the first condition for women to be healthy for healthy Pakistan. ”

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