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Decision To Drop Mohammad Hafeez On Poor Performance

Mohammad Hafeez

Pakistan cricket team opener Batsman Mohammad Hafeez could not expect his performance after returning to the team, while coach Mickey Orthur decided to feed Muhammad Amir in a special and important match to save Mohammad from the engineer.

The poor performance in Mohammad Hafeez’s batting has raised questions on his career. The Test match all-rounder Mohammad Hafeez is not able to meet the expectations of the administration after the return and the failure of the two T20 series in the T-T20 series, the Tour Selection Committee, to make Hafeez beat the match against Zimbabwe in the third match. What is the decision?

Mohammad Hafeez will be 37 years after two months, he got a place in the Pakistani team after the bowling action cleric. If Hafeez did not improve his batting performance in the Pakistan team, it would be difficult for them to maintain space in the team.

At present, national selectors are planning for the World Cup and Hafeez’s continued performance is weakening his case.

Fast bowlers Mohammad Amir and left hand middle-order Batsman Harris Sohail will be included in the Pakistan team.

Pakistan beat Zimbabwe by 74 runs in the first match, while Australia in the second match beat Pakistan by 9 wickets.

Pakistan will qualify for the final in the third match against Zimbabwe.

Mohammad Hafeez made 7 runs against Zimbabwe in the first match and got two wickets by 3 runs. He was on zero in the most important match against Australia.

Harris Sohail, who usually sits in middle order, will be tested as a opener in T-Tenth International.

Fast bowler Mohammad Amir is a toy under the Pakistani team’s rotation policy. Amir played the first T-Twenty International International against Scotland, after which he was given rest in three matches.

Mohammad Amir will take place in the match against Zimbabwe, Mohammad Amir.

Sources say that every match of the tournament is being on the new pitch, if the latest wicket is not used in the matches of Pakistan and Zimbabwe, Mohammad Nawaz can be maintained but its chances are very low.

Mohammad Nawaz failed to impress impressive performance in both the matches. On Tuesday, there was a Pakistani team’s training in Harare, including captain Sarfraz Ahmed, Mohammad Hafeez, Harris Sohail, Shahin Shah Afridi, Hussein Talat and Sahibzada Farhan.

In the three-national tournament, Australia has won two matches and is on top with 8 points, Pakistan won one of the two matches and lost 4 points, while host Zimbabwe lost two matches.

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