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The Donkey King Full HD Movie Download

The Donkey King 2018 Movie Download

The Donkey King 2018 Download

A lion decides that a new king shall take on the reins of Azad Nagar when he retires. When he retires a donkey is chosen as the king of Azad Nagar, but he keeps messing things up.

Directed by; Aziz Jindani

Written by; Aziz Jindani’ Kamran Khimani

Starring; Jan Rambo’ Hina Dilpazeer’ Ismail Tara’ Ghulam Mohiuddin

Music by; Various artists’ Shani Arshad (score)

Edited by; Faisal Shaikh

Production; Talisman Studios

Distributed by; Geo Films

Release date; 13 October 2018

Running time; 85 min

Country; Pakistan

Language; Urdu

Genres: Animation’Comedy’  Family

The Donkey King 2018 Movie Download

The Donkey King Movie Download

The Donkey King 2018 is a Pakistani animated Comedy’  Family movie directed by Aziz Jindani. The movie highlight the voices of Jan-Rambo, Ismail-Tara, Hina Dilpazeer, Ghulam Mohiuddin, and Jawed Sheikh. It was released in Pakistan on 13 October 2018 by Geo Films and Talisman Studios.

The Donkey King 2018

The Donkey King Watch Online HD Movie Download

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