Paramilitary police officers conduct a search at the scene of the China Eastern Airlines plane crash in Tengxian county in Wuzhou city, south China’s Guangxi region, in March 2022.

AFP | fake images

BEIJING – One of two black boxes containing data from Monday’s China Eastern Airlines plane crash has been found, Chinese state media said on Wednesday.

Flight logs are the technical equipment of the aircraft that can indicate the causes of the accident.

The box found was “severely damaged”, state media said, noting that it was not immediately clear if it was the box that recorded flight data or the cockpit’s communications with air traffic controllers.

A Boeing 737-800 with 132 people on board crashed on Monday afternoon in a rural and mountainous area of ​​the southern Guangxi region. Authorities have not confirmed any deaths or revealed why the accident occurred.

Rescue teams have found no survivors from this week’s crash, authorities said Tuesday night.

The plane flew to 29,100 feet Monday afternoon before beginning a steep descent briefly interrupted by a 1,000-foot rise, according to data from FlightRadar24. In all, the plane crashed at more than 25,000 feet in about two minutes.

Hours after the accident, Chinese President Xi Jinping ordered top officials to investigate.

Because the accident involved a US-made aircraft, US agencies and companies will also join the investigation.

The US National Transportation Safety Board said it has appointed a principal aviation safety investigator for the China-led investigation and representatives from the Federal Aviation Administration, Boeing and CFM will act as technical advisers. CFM is a joint venture between US-based General Electric and France-based Safran, which made the engines for the crashed plane, the safety agency said.