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Five reasons to watch Tamizh Padam 2

Eight years after the much celebrated first installment of Tamizh Padam, CS Amudhan and Mirchi Siva are back with their spoof brand. Here we give you five reasons why you should catch Tamizh Padam 2 in theatres.

Five reasons to watch Tamizh Padam 2Five reasons to watch Tamizh Padam 2

It is spoof time! Mirchi Siva and CS Amudhan are back with a sequel to their spoof film Tamizh Padam. In a year of massive high-profile sequels such as 2.0, Vishwaroopam 2, Saamy 2 and Sandakozhi 2, Tamizh Padam 2 has been the dark horse of the race. With their creative and hilariously irreverent promotions, the crew has managed to make the film one of the most awaited films this year. Here are five reasons why you should watch the film this weekend.

Tamil Padam 1:

If you have seen Tamizh Padam 1, then you have enough reasons to watch Tamizh Padam 2. One of its kind, the film’s craft might not be top-notch, but the jokes and garbs were. The side-effects of watching the film was a stomach ache from the laughs it gave.

CS Amudhan:

Forget films, even CS Amudhan’s tweets are in a class of its own. There is no denying that the director has an amazing sense of humour and it has been clear with the promotional material and the sneak peeks. Watch out for this one.

Mirchi Siva:

Five reasons to watch Tamizh Padam 2

There couldn’t have been a better choice for a spoof film than Mirchi Siva. As it was very apparent, the actor’s ‘baby-face’ and deadpan reaction added to the genre and its brand of humour. And if the promotional material and sneak peeks of Tamizh Padam 2 are to be believed, we are in for a ride.


One can say this with conviction, there aren’t several films that have made news in Kollywood and not found a place in CS Amudhan’s spoof list. From the big ones such as 2.0, Mersal, Vivegam to even the smaller ones such as Chennai to Singapore have been covered. Add political jokes and social references as well. Couldn’t be more exciting.


In an earlier interview with, CS Amudhan had assured that Tamizh Padam 2 would be a better theatre experience – more refined in its craft. Amudhan said the challenge was to surprise the audience and that he is confident about what they have in hand.


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