Sunday, July 15

Nailam Jhelum Project, Objections On WAPDA Tariff, Nepra Saved The Decision


In the two government agencies of the country, the Nailam Jhelum hydro power project was tied to the tariff case. The Central Power Forging Agency objected to the proposed tariff’s proposed tariff.

WAPDA has demanded tariff of Neilam Jhelum at Rs 13.24 per unit. Today, on hearing of WAPDA’s request, there was a hearing in Nepra. The NEPA authority secured the decision after hearing the views of the parties.

During the hearing of the tariff of the Nileam Jhelum project, the Central Power-Forging Agency objected to the proposed tariff’s proposed tariff . According to CPA officials, the tariff of the Nileam Jhelum Hydropower Project is so expensive that the furnace oil is equal to the cost. If the proposed tariff is approved, the cost of electricity will increase.

CPA officials requested Nipra to get a penalty from WAPDA to delay the construction of the project. According to WAPDA, the tariff may reduce if the federal government reduces interest. WAPDA authorities gave decades, saying that on the external interest taken by two percent interest rates, WAPDA is getting ten percent from it.

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