Sunday, July 15

Nawaz Sharif And Maryam Nawaz Announced The Return Of The Country On Friday

Nawaz Sharif and Maryam

Former Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif of Daughter Maryam Nawaz announced the return date of the country, saying that on Monday July 13 will depart from London to Pakistan.

Mir Nawaz Sharif , daughter of former prime minister, who was convicted of 7 years imprisonment in the Avonfield case, announced the return date.

According to Bureau Chief Sami, London Kaushir Kazmi, Mary Nawaz told media in a fresh talk that she would leave her mother-in-law with Nawaz Sharif on Friday.

He said that the struggle does not have a floral stream, London is a part of the planning plan, the people are never divided.

Earlier, he avoided telling the media that he would return to the country before the appeal of the appeal in the field zone.

The accountability court had abducted Nawaz Sharif for 10 years imprisonment and £ 80 million, Mary Nawaz was imprisoned for 7 years and sentenced to £ 20 million while Captain (R) Safdar was sentenced to a year imprisonment. All three accused were arrested. Capture warrants have been received, action has been taken for the capture of Captain Safdar.

The Interior Minister said that in case of punishment from court, Nawaz Sharif and Mary

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