Sunday, July 15

Salman Khan’s Fanaticism With Katrina’s Fanaticism Not To Make Salafis In Canada


Bollywood actor Katrina Kaif has not been able to make a culprit with fans in Canada.

Katrina Kaif is currently in Canada on ‘Bowling Tours’ with Salman Khan, where she has to perform in several shows.

The video of rotating the actor’s toronto on the streets of the world is circulated in social media, which can be seen that Salman Khan’s fanatics are misled by Kafna on not being able to portray themselves.

According to the Indian media, Katrina Kaif started shopping in Canada and went back to the car, where the fans present there opposed to making pictures, but the actor refused.

When the fans did not like the denial of Katrina Kaif, how did he start the phrases and said, ‘We are Salman Khan’s fans and come here to see’.

They cried out to Katrina and said that the actor needs to correct his behavior.

On this phrase, Katrina was angered and stopped responding to the fans. Katrina said she was too tired so she could not make a picture with everyone.

Meanwhile, many other fans continued to make them cumulative, but some fans refused to make pictures with them.

Salman Khan has been silent on the misconduct of Katrina, now it is time to see how salary reacts to this incident.

Remember that Salman Khan’s “Bowling Tours” includes many actors including Sonakshi Sinha, Katrina Kaif, Jacqueline Fernandes, Diesh Shah who shot in many cities of the United States and now performing in Canada.

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