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Skincare is most probably the first aspect of Korean beauty that springs to mind. The whole Korean beauty equation also includes makeup. Even the products with the highest pigment content are mild and offer superb coverage or color.

 But the real question here is which Korean cosmetic brand is the best to rely on?  We’ve covered the top 5 Skincare brands here from Korea that you can choose from to pamper yourself. 


Launched in 2009, 3 CONCEPT EYES (3CE) is a South Korean makeup brand that creates makeup for confident and modern women. Its products primarily use a color palette of pink, beige, and orange, which are versatile enough to suit different skin tones. 

Bestselling lip products include the Blurring Liquid Lip tints that provide a blurred lip look and the Matte Lip Color lipsticks. It’s the most desirable choice for women who want to look confident and can conquer the world. 

Dr. Gio Cosmetics

Dr. Gio Cosmetics is a K-makeup line designed exclusively for those with a dark complexion. The firm got its start by incorporating Korean trends into products that are suitable for darker complexion tones. The Ultra 6 Brightening Foundation Cushion is their first product. If you prefer natural beauty looks, the cushion assists you in achieving a natural dewy, and delicate makeup appearance.


Each product reflects Amuse’s playful spirit. Try the highly pigmented Sunlit Eye Palette. After a few hours of use, the colors are vivid and don’t fade or smear. 

Another bestseller from Amuse is The Skin Tone Foundation. Concealer and foundation are combined into one two-in-one solution, which also offers moisture.

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Products from Innisfree are enriched with organic Jeju Island ingredients. Green tea, volcanic clusters, tangerine, and cherry flowers are among the ingredients. Soft Lip Balm with Green Tea is a lip balm that moisturizes your lips with, green tea powder, beeswax, and other nutritious components. Excess oil is absorbed by the Pore Blur Pact, which also makes the skin seem bright and revitalized.


The first K-makeup company, Kaja, was developed in collaboration with Sephora and offers brightly colored goods at a variety of price points. After using the stamp to apply the Cheeky Stamp Blendable Blush to your face, you may blend it any way you please thanks to its cushion blend formula. After applying your makeup, the Joystick Brightening Undereye Setting Powder fixes your concealer beneath the eyes so that there are no discernible wrinkles.


Tonymoly’s packaging is renowned for being vivid and striking. When the company was founded in 2006, it was able to mainstream K-beauty trends. Each product has premium components and cutting-edge technology, which the manufacturers claim delivers efficient results. The Double Needs Pang Pang Mascara is a great choice because it doesn’t smear or budge underneath your eyes.

So, what’s your favorite makeup brand from the given list? No matter what brand you choose, try to keep it according to your skin tone to get a natural look. You can browse for Korean Skincare Glossary to find more amazing products from K-beauty.