Having faulty windows in your home can lead to a number of unfortunate issues. Windows are an incredibly important feature to any property and can be a home’s USP (unique selling point) for many reasons. Whether you have plans of moving and selling your property, or you have decided this is your forever home, all windows are worth checking to see if they require an upgrade. This article will discuss some of the clear signs that indicate you should be thinking about replacing your windows.

Difficulty Functioning

If you begin to notice your windows facing some difficulty when opening or closing, this is common and happens over time through wear and tear. You may find the window mechanisms are stiff or too loose, they may be jammed, or are having trouble locking properly. Issues like these become worse if they are left for long periods of time and should be looked at once noticed.

Cold Drafts

One of the most common issues that arise with old, worn-out windows, are cold and constant drafts. A draft indicates that there is an issue with the seal, or the trickle vents are letting too much air ventilation through to the property. Drafts can usually be temporarily fixed with a draft stopper or covering cracks with foam or clingfilm, however over time it may worsen. Another indication that you have a window draft, is higher energy bills and increased heating use. 


Condensation is an indication that your window seals may be failing and are letting in excessive moisture which is building up in between your window panes. Double and triple glazing windows are incredibly effective at reducing condensation, but over a period of years, they can become much less effective.

Increased Outdoor Noise

When you first had your windows installed, you probably noticed the impressive reduction in noise from the outdoors. Now, if you are noticing you can hear more of the hustle and bustle of neighbors, cars, dogs, etc, it may be time to replace your windows. This shows your window’s insulation is decreasing and allowing noise to travel inside.

Visible Damage And Rotting

Over time, harsh weather conditions can result in windows taking hard hits. Especially on wooden frames, you can sometimes expect to see rotting, mold, and decay around the edges. With UPVC, you may notice cracked glass, chipping, and any other damage in general, this is an indication that it may be time to re-install.

Final Words

Replacing your windows can be quick, easy, affordable, and hassle-free with the right installation company. Always research and read online reviews before settling on your decision. You should look out for companies who offer at least 10-year guarantees, high-quality products, no upfront charges, and of course, carries a reputable image. Windows can be an expensive investment for any home, which is why you want to find a company that can provide you with quality products, as well as offer realistic quotes.