Content velocity or creating and publishing content in a given time period is an important factor in search engine rankings. But it doesn’t mean that you have to compromise your content quality in order to increase quantity. Both can go side by side when you hire a professional SEO company Dubaif that helps you maintain a balance.

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By increasing your content creation and publishing velocity, you can get an edge over your competition, deliver value to your potential customers and get greater ROI. Here are the top ways which you can use to create and publish more fresh content increasing content velocity:

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Content strategy front loading

Suppose you want to publish 100 pieces of fresh content for your blog in 12 months. The simplest way that most digital marketers adopt is to divide that evenly through the months. However, there is a problem in this approach because content takes time to mature and show up in organic searches. But when you front load your content strategy, you’ll be able to reap the benefits quicker. It means create all the fresh content you want in the first 3-6 months and let them mature in the remaining period.

Create a detailed roadmap

You need to have a detailed plan to create and publish the content within a given time frame. It is critical that you act robustly so that you are able to reach your goals. For instance, if you want to publish 100 pieces of content on your blog, you have to do the calculations considering all the factors. These not only include the kind of content you want to have but also the keywords research, word count, topics that are most popular in your niche, publish dates, etc.  You can achieve this with a help of experienced SEO company Dubai.

Create and streamline your workflows

If you are producing, optimizing and publishing content on your own, it’ll be easy and fast process to publish it. But clearly when you need large amount of content, you cannot do it by yourself. You have to have a team of content creators, editors and publishers to do the job. And this can also slow down your content production due to road bumps and inefficiencies in the process. So you have to work on it and stream your workflow for smooth and fast content production. An expert SEO company Dubai can definitely be of great assistance taking burden off your shoulders.

Hire professional content creators

High quality content velocity isn’t possible without professional content creators. When hiring the content producers look for quality, reliability and availability. If you are successful in hiring a team of professional content creators who follow your instructions closely and produce quality content within a given time frame, you can produce large number of content, quickly.

Don’t focus on perfection

When you are producing one or two blogs every month, you have ample time to pay attention to meticulous details and refine it. But when you need to publish more content in less time, don’t focus on perfection as it’ll hinder your speed and progress. Give preference to progress instead of perfection because only then you’ll be able to get things moving on time.

Partnering with an expert SEO company in Dubai is your best bet when you need to boost your content velocity and scale at large without compromising your content quality.