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At some point, while chilling on your cozy sofa, haven’t you thought about who was the first person in the whole world to make this furniture? Whose idea was it to make such relaxing pieces of furniture? You would now find a bed price reasonable, but what about beds in ancient times? 

Did you have any idea that the manufacture of the popular Chesterfield sofa was done to offer gentlemen in the clubs a place to sit without wrinkling their formal suits? Again, you might not know that the famous Barcelona chair was an inspirational chair designed to suit the royalty of the Spanish.

Some may consider these furniture facts trivial, but they indeed say an essential tale. They tell us many facts about how our homes and furniture evolved with time, just like us. As we look around, we see at least a couple of chairs, sofas, a table, or a closet. In short, whether you are in our home, office, or hotel, there is ample furniture around us.

The transition of Iconic Furniture 


In ancient times also, beds used to exist. However, before 3600 B.C., they were made of animal skin, straw, or palm leaves. It was in the 12th century that the very first contemporary wooden bed was made. 

Moreover, the 17th century has brought a whole new dimension to beds. Since then, new designs of beds have come into existence. The rich people of both England and France showed off their wealth by decorating their beds with golden and silk clothes.

Nowadays, beds are available in a wide range of designs and prices. 

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Bernard Castro invented the first Castro Convertible in 1931. It was an evolution of contemporary sofa cum beds. Again in the same year, the very first sofa-convertible frame was built in the United States by William Brouwer, which eventually became famous worldwide. Now, it is very easy for everyone to find modern furniture online. 

After a lot of deliberation, it was decided that the average durability of a sofa is 2,958 days which means they come with a lifespan of eight years. Besides, we not only use an average sofa for sitting on but also eat our meals on it 12X a month. 


Did you know that the common people only got to use chairs after the 16th century? Before the 16th century, chairs were exclusively used for the kings and the wealthy people of the states. 

Ordinary and poor people used only benches and stools to sit down. The Egyptians utilized the chairs constructed with fine wooden crafts and then covered them in either cloth or leather. Another interesting fact about early chairs is that they were of low height compared to modern chairs. This is why several historic chairs are only 25cm higher.

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In ancient times, the Egyptians used to make tables for utilizing them to keep objects or play games. The Chinese, on the other hand, invented tables using metal or wood to create art. Later on, Greeks also joined the bandwagon and invented this useful furniture for having meals. Again, Romans introduced their version of tables and called it Mensa Lunata.

People who were wealthy at that time made tables using expensive materials. Thru even decorated the furniture with several expensive gemstones to show their fortune.

Rocking Chair

Rocking Chairs were an invention done in 1725 in England. There remains a debate on who invented this super amazing furniture. Some historians root for Benjamin Franklin, while some believe that Benjamin Franklin was a kid at that time. So, this leads to a contradiction as to who invented it.

Whoever invented it, this piece of furniture became famous for its craftsmanship. Moreover, many new versions of this chair, such as the Bentwood Rocking Chair and Folding Rocking Chair, came into existence in 1860 and 1920, respectively.

Final Thoughts

To sum up, all these facts about furniture are so intriguing that everyone can easily understand how vast the evolution of early furniture to modern furniture is. Now, it is very easy to buy furniture online, but the beauty lies in the history of every piece of this amazing and useful furniture lying around us.