Infections are everywhere, from bacterial to viral ones. 

Irrespective of the severity and type of infection, anyone can get these.

These infections, no matter where, can take a toll on our overall health. UTIs are also a common type of infection! 

What are UTIs?

UTIs or urinary tract infections are a type of infection that affects our urinary system and associated organs. Sometimes, the symptoms of UTIs can be more concerning than we think. Some of the common signs of UTIs include a burning sensation while urinating, the frequent need for urination, change in color and texture of urine. Once you are aware of these warning signs, you know how you can prevent and treat them.

Other than these signs and symptoms, there are tests for the confirmation of infections. Normally, a urine culture test is enough. Urine culture and sensitivity test price in Pakistan is not very high which makes them quite affordable. However, not every time we need the test, sometimes symptoms are enough to assess. In case of frequent UTIs, the test is recommended to find the root cause behind the problem.

How to Keep UTIs Away?

Just like any other type of infection, there are antibiotics for the treatment of problems. Before we talk about the treatment, one needs to know how one can prevent UTIs. If you are also looking for tips to prevent UTIs, here are some of my best picks for you.

1- Drink Lots of Water

Drink a lot of water if you want to keep your skin fresh. More water for better digestion and even more water for an efficient urinary system. The reason is that the organs of our urinary system help to flush the toxins in our body which improves our overall health. Efficient removal of toxins will keep our organ functions intact and will help us to live healthily. 

2- Urinate after Intercourse

After intercourse, one should immediately urinate. This is because it will remove the bacteria from your body that could be the cause of the UTIs. Many people don’t feel like doing it but emptying your bladder immediately after intercourse is one of the first things that you can do to keep infections away and enjoy good urinary health, said a renowned nephrologist in Islamabad who was treating my uncle for the infection.

3- Change Birth Control Method

Many times, the cause of UTIs can be in the birth control method you are using. Yes, these products come in a variety of functions and shapes. No matter what type you go for, it can promote the growth of bacteria in the body. So, make sure to choose birth control methods wisely or use the products appropriately to prevent the onset of UTIs.

4- Wash Properly

Your washing technique also plays a key role in determining your chances of suffering from UTIs. Yes, you heard me right. That’s where your washing technique does the job. The way you wash is important for you to know about if you want to stay healthy. When you wash from back to front, it enables the entry of infection-causing bacteria into your body. So, if you are not doing it properly, try to fix your washing technique. 

5- Cranberry Juice Might Help

Cranberry juice can do the job of preventing UTIs right. Cranberry juice has all the ingredients and properties that can be your tool to prevent the onset of UTIs. Though there are more studies required to establish the link between drinking cranberry juice and the prevention of UTIs. But still, there are no reported side effects of drinking cranberry juice for our health.

3- Choose Cleaning Products Wisely

There are hundreds of different kinds of cleaning products available in the market. There are different modes of action and smells, these products come with. However, do you know that these products can disturb the pH of your parts which is crucial for the growth of bacteria there? With a disturned pH, there are increased chances of you suffering from UTIs. So, it is better to avoid the use of scented and chemical-containing products to minimize your chances of suffering from UTIs.

Bottom Line!

Urinary tract infections (UTIs) are a type of infection that affects our urinary system. These infections are everywhere and can take a toll on our urinary health. These infections change the color and texture of urine in the first place associated with other symptoms too. However, the right diagnosis and early treatment can help to get rid of these infections. You can also minimize your chances of suffering these infections by following the above-mentioned tips and choosing healthy habits. There are different types of antibiotics for the treatment. However, it is better to immediately contact your doctor to keep the chances of UTIs at bay.