The current socio-economic climate in Israel causes several difficulties for many families struggling to put food on the table. For example, even households in the middle class may have difficulties managing their basic expenses.

 The situation for the poor is much worse in Israel. The Israeli government has launched a number of initiatives to help those living in poverty, but it does not guarantee that their families can access food, clothing, and education. This is a very dire situation. Many families do not have access to three nutritious meals daily.

At Meir Panim, children, the elderly, people who need assistance, or anyone who needs assistance is taken care of, especially during the Pandemic of Covid-19 and during lockdowns. We held the hands of people who were starving and in distress when everyone else kept their distance. On top of that, we are deeply concerned about Israel’s situation and we work for charity for Israel

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From the very beginning, we knew that poverty was not an isolated phenomenon. Although food assistance to the hungry may alleviate some of the immediate needs of families living in poverty, poverty will still exist as long as the food is not provided. We are committed to creating a “full service” humanitarian solution such that we can break the cycle of poverty once and for all. In order to succeed in our mission of eradicating poverty in Israel, we are heavily dependent on donations. Thank you for the support you have provided us as direct partners in our business.

You can donate any time, anywhere, as long as you have a credit card. What is most important to us is that every penny of your contribution will be used to make sure the needs of the needy people in Israel are met. We would appreciate it if you could lend a helping hand to us today so that all of us can contribute to this important initiative.