Tummy Tuck, also known as abdominoplasty, is the most sought-after cosmetic surgery of the time. The reason is the rising beauty standards. Watching celebrities slaying in fascinating outfits with their slim figure brings the desire of women to like them. Furthermore, peer pressure is another reason for the surge of desire for a contoured body.

Various reasons can contribute to excessive weight gain. After pregnancy, the skin around the belly button becomes saggy and hard to get rid of. Tummy tuck helps get the desired body image by cutting down the excess fat and skin. It also strengthens weak connective tissues. Furthermore, excessive weight loss also leaves extra skin behind, which can be gotten rid of with abdominoplasty.

This procedure has no gender boundaries and is common among men and women alike. In addition to that, it is popular worldwide, making it accessible for everyone. However, being a hub of cosmetic surgery, Dubai has renowned surgeons having years of experience in the field. Therefore, specialists recommend tummy tuck in Dubai to leverage the expertise of these surgeons for effective consultation and excellent results.

However, patients opting for surgery have many questions that can overwhelm their minds. In this article, you will find the answers to most of the relevant questions.

Who Can Get A Tummy Tuck?

Everyone can get a tummy tuck with realistic goals and by maintaining weight for up to 6 months. Many reasons can compel one to get abdominoplasty. Significant weight loss, pregnancy, abdominal surgery, and aging can be the contributing factors.  

Many people confuse tummy tuck with liposuction. Tummy tuck targets the abdominal area and does not help lose weight. In fact, you have to maintain a significant weight to get the procedure. However, liposuction is designed specifically to lose weight. In order to get a contoured body, you can couple tummy tuck with other procedures like breast augmentation.

In addition to that, consulting a specialist is essential before reaching a decision. There are several reasons which can make you unfit for the surgery, like greater body index, future pregnancy plans, etc. Effective consultation will help you make the right decision for yourself.

How To Prepare Yourself For The Surgery

It is not like you wake up one day, make a decision to get a tummy tuck, and get it done the same day. You need to follow the procedure. As it is a complex surgery that includes incisions and stitches, consultation is the first and foremost step. Only the specialist can guide you on whether you are fit for the surgery or need some follow-ups.

The surgeon will ask you about your past and present medical history. Make sure not to hide anything, as small details matter when it comes to health. Talk to him/her if you are on medication or allergic to any medicine. Talk to him about your desired goals. He/she will guide you on the possibilities to achieve these goals. You are likely to go through a thorough examination to determine various options for the treatments.

What Are The Risks?

Being aware of the risks tummy tuck brings is also a part of preparing yourself for the surgery. There are chances of infection, or the incision heals poorly. Your doctor will give antibiotics to prevent these infections. Furthermore, you will get scars as a result of incisions and stitches. However, surgeons make incisions on areas that are easy to hide under clothes. Fatty tissues beneath the layers of skin can get damaged as well. They heal on their own, but in some cases, you may need a surgical touch-up.

What To Expect During The Procedure?

You will be given general anesthesia before starting the surgery. The size of the incision depends on the type of surgery you get. The surgeon will close the incision on the contour of the public hairline, which is easy to hide under clothes. The skin will be reshaped, and the doctor will make a new belly button. Overall, the procedure takes about two to three hours.

Post-Surgery Outcomes

Your incisions will be covered with a dressing, and drains will be placed to remove excess blood or fluids which may remain there for days. Your doctor will guide you on how to use and empty them. You will also get painkillers and antibiotics. It is recommended to move carefully and rest for the first six weeks after a tummy tuck. Choosing the best plastic surgeon in Dubai and around the world can make the process easier and ensure fast recovery, provided you follow the instructions.  

In all, getting a toned and slimmer body is no longer a dream. Consult the surgeon, follow the instructions, and dress the way you want.