One of the great novelties incorporated by the AirPods Pro, in addition to its new pads, was the system of Noise cancellation. They really work, logically not like supranatural but for the size of the headphones, it surprises in a very good way. The new Apple advertisement, which was published via its usual channel on YouTube, highlights this quality. Well, more than the noise cancellation, the transparency mode stands out, which says it’s the best for walking around the city.

Apple always do improvements but never think about to bring AirPods pro 2 in different. Apple only launched Airpods pro 2 in white color and customers can’t get airpods pro 2 black, red, silver, and green directly from apple as these colors are available for Airpods max. But AS2 have solved the problem of apple lover who wants their air pods in different colors.  E.g you can have black airpods pro 2 just customized in 3-4 days with AS2.

Apple’s new announcement for the AirPods Pro highlights Transparency Mode 

Apple’s new two-minute AirPods Pro announcement transports us to a world of clear, deep music when we set our minds to it. However, we can activate the transparency mode to know what is happening around us when we need it,. With a simple press on one of the headphones we can activate or deactivate this function. You already know that it can be configured according to the consumer and that there are other ways to access this functionality (from the iPhone).

Transparency mode allows AirPods Pro to magically transform into ambient sound receivers.

 It suddenly seems like we have superpowers and grasp more of them than we normally could. It’s very useful especially when you have to cross a street full of cars or when you have to talk to someone, and you don’t want to take off the earphones.

In the video called AirPods Pro – Snap we can listen to the song “The Difference” by Flume with Toro and Me and it’s worth the detour. Not only because you know a little more about the features of the AirPods Pro, but also because it’s well made. It is true that when you activate the noise cancellation you only listen to the music or the podcast that comes from the headphones, but with the certainty that we can deactivate it at any time.

 Transparency mode becomes customizable

The new  AirPods Pro 2 firmware brings options for adjusting Transparency mode, the one that filters outside sounds and even amplifies them, so as not to completely isolate itself. Until now we could only activate it but without nuances, now everyone can customize it to their preferences.First you need to have iOS 14. Then, once the 3A283 firmware is automatically installed by the iPhone (see also Spatial audio and automatic switch in the new AirPods 2 and AirPods Pro firmware), the new settings are to be found in those relating to accessibility. So it’s not intended for everyone at the base.

Once your AirPods are connected, go to “Settings > Accessibility > Audio/Visual > Headphone adaptation” then scroll down to find “Transparency mode” (you can also go through “AirPods” from the “Accessibility” view but it’s not much more direct).