It has been a 12-year stint of waiting for the start of the FIFA World Cup 2022 in Qatar. The Arabic World Cup was the center of attention for everybody around the world as it was the first time the World Cup was hosted in the Middle East. Qatar, with 8 beautiful architectural masterpieces, was the warmest hug for the extraordinary event.

Qatar’s organisation was nothing except phenomenal that included an opening ceremony like a Cinema display, exhibitions that take people to the world of the Arabic and Qatari culture, paintings with the talk of the greatest person in history the prophet Mohammed (PBUH), technology-supplied and life-easing tents, and the beautifully unforgettable initiatives Arabs executed.

Qatari citizen Abdulrahman Al-Mana during the initiative of sharing Arabic coffee and dates to fans and tourists

Abdulrahman Al-Mana

Abdulrahman Al-Mana speaks about his initiative, sharing the Arabic coffee and dates to foreign tourists and fans from all around the world. Abdulrahman is accredited and licensed by FIFA World Cup in media and marketing and graduated from a UK university majoring in Film and TV Production.

Abdulrahman says:” I am simply a lover of uniquely new initiatives because I find something special and enjoyable in these amazing activities,” “The main reason to choose this initiative among other ones is the representation of Arabic coffee in the Qatari councils. Therefore, I had to let people taste it and thus know the Arabic culture.”

Al-Mana’s goal from the initiative

By taking the initiative, Al-Mana could achieve his primary objective of educating people about the Arabic and Qatari culture. It did not just go that way; it was also an incredible opportunity to listen to how foreign fans felt about Qatar’s organisation of the World Cup. Moving around was simple, the area was magnificent, and many cultures were nice to know, all of which contributed to Qatar’s high acclaim.

Al-Mana claims:” The reactions of the foreign fans I met were incredibly heart-warming, and some of them confirmed to me that the organisation exceeded their expectations while the others lived their best-ever days.”

world cup

Souq waqif was chosen as the location for the campaign since tourists adore it and congregate there. Because of the enthusiastic support from the crowd and the impression the idea made on the foreign guests towards the end of this amazing world cup, Abdulrahman’s satisfaction was above his expectation.

Almana would love for the World Cup to be longer, but the Pole’s whistle in Sunday, December 18, announced Argentina as the winner and France in second place. Croatia, the runners-up from the previous FIFA World Cup, finished third after defeating Morocco, the first African country to ever advance to the semifinals of the competition.

Abdulrahman believes that Qatar will host more significant international competitions, such as the Olympics and the AFC Asian Cup, as he is keen to put more initiatives into place to deepen outsiders’ understanding of Arabs and Qatari culture. Additionally, he thinks that this World Cup will go down in tournament history with golden letters.