If you have ever admired roses that adorned a person’s home or work area, chances are you’ve admired preserved roses. The general misconception about preserved roses is that they are not natural. This could not be further from the truth. Preserved flowers are natural flowers that have been preserved to extend their lifespan for up to 12 months. They maintain their beauty, elegance, and vibrancy even after undergoing the preservation process. But what advantages do these kinds of flowers have over natural ones? Let’s find out.

1. Preserved roses do not require watering 

The absence of water can cause your normal flowers to wither sooner. Whereas the alternative is a natural rose that has been preserved using organic ingredients that are pet and human-friendly and does not require watering. A key ingredient is Glycerine which is used in creams and foods to preserve moisture and prevent evaporation. This is the reason why these preserved flowers do not require watering throughout their lifespan. 

2. Preserved flowers last a lot longer

This is perhaps the biggest advantage preserved roses have over normal roses. Preserved roses can last up to 12 months and longer, depending on the nature of their preservation. This means that averagely preserved flowers are capable of lasting more than 50 times longer than normal flowers. This makes them more suitable for decorations over normal flowers that wither quickly, and synthetic flowers that feel unreal. 

3. Preserved roses are far more economical 

Preserved roses are more economical for various reasons. Firstly, they last a long time and so do not need to be constantly replaced when they are used for decorations. Also, they are easier to maintain when compared to normal roses. With preserved roses, you do not need to spend time and resources maintaining and trimming the roses regularly. Lastly, preserved roses will outlive normal flowers which makes them far more economical. 

4. Preserved roses are the practical option

Chances are you love flower decorations and you are searching for something that you can use to adorn a particular space. Preserved flowers serve this function maximally. With preserved roses, you have sufficient time to show off the decoration to people without worrying about the clock ticking and counting down to when the flower will begin withering.

5. These roses are environmentally friendly

You do not need to worry about the impact preserved roses may have on the environment when they eventually need to be thrown out. Their main environmental friendliness lies in the fact that they do not need water, soil, or fertilizer to maintain their beauty. They are efficient, easy to transport, do not consume much energy, and overall do not have any adverse effect on the environment. 

6. They are super easy to attend to

As we’ve said, these kinds of flowers are super easy to store, care for, and transport. They do not require constant maintenance and watering like normal flowers. All you will be required to do if you place them in a room with access to ventilation is that you will need to dust them from time to time to get rid of dust. 

7. They are a great gift on any occasion 

You can package a preserved rose as a gift to a loved one on any occasion. Seeing as they would last a long time, and do not require constant maintenance, they are the perfect gift!

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