Establishing and ordering finances for a bank account is a high priority for many Dubai workers. Dubai has an abundance of banks both at home and abroad, in line with its cosmopolitan taste. The new branches of the bank can be seen near the recent villas for sale in Palm Jumeirah. It is, therefore, a matter of preference to find a suitable bank. Most expats are told that the Dubai banking process is very straightforward and easy; most expats enjoy banking here especially, as they can enjoy living without taxes.


Though its criteria differ slightly from bank to bank, the fundamental documents necessary to open a check or account are:

  • Original Passport with 2 copies
  • Residency visa
  • Proof of employment
  • Proof of address i.e. tenancy contract showing home address
  • Any acceptable form of UAE identification including an Emirates ID, valid driving license or labour card
  • No-objection certificate from the employer

Most local and international banks provide several services, including chequebook facilities, debit and credit card facilities, car loans and current or savings bank accounts, for opening an account. However, service fees are somewhat different from bank to bank, so ensure that you know them before choosing a bank.

Most local and international banks offer many services for opening an account, including chequebook facilities, debit and credit card, car loans and banks’ current or savings accounts. But service charges vary slightly from bank to bank, so make sure you know them before selecting a bank.


In Dubai, all are well served by major international banks such as HSBC, Standard Chartered Bank and Citibank. The banks have extensive websites that provide all the required information, including types of accounts and services. However, there is also a range of less-known, related facilities, such as Emirates NBD, Mashreq Bank, RAK Bank and Commercial Bank in Dubai, which are well-equipped and rigorously supervised by the United African Central Bank.

These banks are also great choices for expatriates, who frequently neglect them in favour of well-known banks. Many local companies provide excellent service and can often provide great deals which are inaccessible with bigger banking names, due to the competitive nature of private banking in Dubai.

For certain expats, their employers have already decided who to bank with, and they suggest banks to whom they regularly interact. Some employers offer additional benefits if workers choose the same bank as their banking requirements, including preferential cash transfer rates, lower minimum balance requirements and faster payroll receipt.

Many banks provide stable online banking services, which are very useful for the temporarily restricted employer, for those accustomed to doing much of their banking work online. These banks provide both internally and on other account transfers, add up salika (Dubai’s electronic card version of the road tax), pay electricity bills, and refill cell telephone accounts, thereby minimising customers’ time and difficulty from visiting a branch to perform regular financial transactions.

These facilities are mostly offered free of charge, although some banks charge for electronic transactions. In this scenario, it may be prudent for you to choose a bank which has several branches or at least one close to your workplace or residence so you can run your company in the branch.

For others, bank choice is as easy as that which has a large number of ATMs and branches easily accessible throughout the emirate. In this instance, more local banks will win because they appear to have more machinery and branches in malls and other public places, which are regularly attended. NBD is one of the most common local banks in the country with nearly 70 ATMs and branches in Dubai alone.

International banks prefer to provide better transfers to and from bank accounts and lower wire transfers fees. You will want to choose an international bank for your bank needs if you are likely to do this frequently. Some external banks permit a free transfer to customers abroad, which are very convenient for many expatriates.

These banks offer so much for its customers, the wide range of banks allows the user to explore more about the offers and facilities provided by the banks. New branches of the banks are opening near the luxury villas for sale in Dubai to provide comfort for the people purchasing this property.

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