As we can all see, the sneaker craze has grown exponentially in recent years. It shows that it can never be extinguished. The highlight of its growing fashion in the year 2022 is exclusivity. Nowadays there are a lot of sneaker designs that you can choose from as per your choice.

In this article, I have mentioned for you the best sneaker designs to buy right now. You’ll find great and unique sneakers ranging from classic to sports. Sneakers will always be in style for everyday wear as well as formal occasions apart from sporting purposes.

Here are some of the best women’s sneakers in 2022!

Classic sneakers

They are present in the wardrobe of most men, women and children. Classic indicates that they will be traditional sneakers from heritage brands for sports, but in reality this is not so. One brand has introduced sneakers that are slim and have some traditional features such as leather uppers and a raised middle Outsole.

Low sneakers

Low-top sneakers that skim to the ankles usually look more attractive with jeans and skirts. But sports brands also have a lot of interest in this category. Many brands are competing to deliver the best. They give slippers with prints all around them. But if you’re looking for a stylish one, move to white trainers made of leather and red prints on the sidewalls that surround the logo.

High top sneakers

Among high-top sneakers, the classic black canvas upper has a very elegant look with a perfect finish. They have a brand symbol inside them. Logo on the side face. Various brands have put their stamp on canvas shoes. One of them has done it more for his signature and green ribbon and stripes like the inside.

Basketball shoes

In the year 2022, the biggest sneaker launcher and manufacturer is the one that launches sneakers, these are italian shoes that provide gray and white upper surface with logo shown. Apart from this, they also have a jacquard pattern. Suitable for daily use. Actually, he did a revival in 2022 to complete his outfits.

Air bubble sneakers

The newly released air bubble shoes were not compatible when used in the running shoe case. These are designed in such a way that a visible bubble of air can be seen in them. He has his own iconic look. Celebrities loved exaggerated sole sneakers that have an air bubble in the transparent sole. in the middle console. If you want to opt for black colour, then you should opt for velvet sandal which has the color of your choice. In general, all brands offer sneakers of all colors.

Tennis shoes

Apparently, the name indicates that they are named after a sport. The upper part of the tennis shoes looks traditional with leather and rubber sole. But nowadays designers have released new updated designs so that they become more fashionable shoes than actual tennis shoes. They usually have a characteristic and neat appearance.

Slip-on sneakers

Obviously, they are the most versatile and practical sneakers for women who are constantly at work and out. It provides ease of sliding in and out and the streamlined structure adds to the beauty. In this category, the best choice among people are usually the shoes which have

  • Leather top
  • vertical middle console

Platform shoes

As we all know and see, fashion is modified every few years. The fashion of the 90s is still in style and platform sneakers are a great example of this. In this category you will like nylon shoes which usually have a black colored upper surface and contrast with a thick white soles.

Another option can be sneakers, usually they are pink and yellow in color but since a year not very versatile designs have been created in sneakers and this is the reason people are more attracted towards leather sneakers.

Durable shoes

We all look at this factor commonly when we intend to buy shoes or accessories. But in the case of footwear, it was observed that the most durable shoes were not in fashion and were not in fashion to be worn at events other than casual wear. But in recent years, especially in 2020, various brands have also launched trendy shoes. For example, one brand has launched a 4D Parley shoe with a 3D printed midsole. Another interesting feature is its upper made of ocean blue plastic that can be recycled, which makes you feel more comfortable as your shoes are ecological and do not harm the environment. Some people who prefer chunky sneakers should opt for Flyknit sneakers that are made from yarns salvaged from landfills and knit patterns from other shoes.

Trainers (running shoes)

The 1970s was considered a fashion era when people wore running shoes. Now this fashion has returned and is becoming fashionable. They are usually worn with flared pants. In the case of retro running shoes, traditional shoe brands are popular for launching fashion shoes. The range also offers stylish footwear like sneakers, which are made of leather and are embellished with gold chains.

Assorted sneakers

As the name implies, they are usually made of composite materials such as leather, velvet, suede and mesh. They have a popular style which consists of patchwork on the top layer of the sneakers, making them an attractive and stylish sneaker. These are perfect to wear and wear with any outfit. They are perfect for the fall season.

Dress shoes

Exactly wearing and wearing sneakers depends on what you have chosen for yourself and the style basically affects your appearance. Earlier sneakers were associated with sports or considered as casual wear, but now the thinking has changed. Glitter, metal accents and sequins are often used to enhance the beauty of sneakers. Some manufacturers decorate them completely with sequins and some of them flaunt their beautiful look with metal stars.

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