123Movies is an online streaming website where you can download content online and also just for free. You can find all the newly released movies or shows here. 

People ask is 123movies legal? Since the site provides newly released content and that too for free. Thus, it makes the site illegal. This site also disturbs your system. Sites like this have the virus and downloading from such sites may cause harm to your device. It is a pirated site and watching the content of such sites becomes pirated content and watching such content is a crime. 

This site has many shows or movies in different languages like Hindi, English, Tamil, Telugu, and many more. You can even watch 123mkv Bollywood movies here. 

How can you find whether the 123Mkv site is legal or not? 

123mkv alternative
  1. The website has some copyright issues. The site is illegal.
  2. The website won’t show a legitimate IP address. They provide proxies and VPN services. If the website asks you to download the VPN software. It means that the site is not safe and you should exit from the website.

This is how you can find whether this site is legal or not.

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If you find any problem with this site, then you can always switch to its alternatives. Some alternatives to 123movies are as follows: 







This was all the information you needed for 123movies. Now you know whether it is legal or not. Just watch at your own risk.