The best dining table not only has style and class but is also solidly constructed and works for your budget. Therefore it is important to choose the right dining table set for your space. 

A dining room has become one of the social rooms in any home. It serves as an area to enjoy meals together with the company of your family and friends. Therefore it should be a space with good style and practical consideration. There comes choosing the right dining table set. 

Certainly choosing a dining table takes a lot of time, effort, and consideration. This involves space planning, upholstery choice, functional elements, and quality craftsmanship. Houston offers a wide range of options. If you are looking for a furniture store near me in Houston, Winport Furniture is the ultimate furniture store offering high-quality and luxury dining table sets.  However, before making a big choice, let’s dive into a quick guide on how to choose the right dining table set for your dining room. 

Table Of Content

  1. Reflect On Your Dining Requirement
    1. Casual Family Dining
    2. Formal Entertaining
  2. Dimensions And Shape Of Dining Tables
  3. Dining Table And The Chair Height
  4. Choose The Right Material
  5. Check On Sturdy & Reliable Construction

Reflect On Your Dining Requirement

When choosing the dining table set you may have a specific style in your mind. However, it is suggested to first take a  step back and think about what you need. By pondering your decision you may find out what is best for you. Whether you look for hosting a family dinner or a formal event you can determine your requirement.

Casual Family Dining

In today’s fast-paced time there is little time to enjoy each other’s company. Sitting down at the same dining table during meal time, you can have quality time together. Identify whether you want a dining table to host a casual meal time, you may be looking to have a casual dining table. A real wood dining table can be a perfect choice for casual entertaining. However, you can incorporate farmhouse-inspired dining sets to bring a fresh and trendy vibe. 

Formal Entertaining

If formal dinners are a frequent occurrence in your house, there must be a dining table with intricate detailing and elegant finishes. There is a wide range of luxurious dining tables available out there. To bring a contemporary look, you can choose a dining table with clean lines and bold colors for instance a white top and black base combination. Stainless steel of polished concrete table tops also creates a stunning look.

Dimension And Size Of The Dining Table

Once you have the type of dining table whether casual or formal next is to determine the shape and size of your dining table. This factor depends on the space available in your timing room. If you are lucky enough to have a wider dining room then you can incorporate a large size dining table that will work best in a given footprint. The common dining room table shapes include round square and rectangular tables. However, following your preferences, you can design a custom-shaped dining table set with the material and size of your own choice.

Dining Table And The Chair Height

It is also important to consider the height of the dining table and chairs. You should determine whether a standard height table works best for you. You can also piece together a table and seating options and create a perfect set. However make sure that all the chairs, stools, or benches perfectly fit the height of your table. Traditionally there are 12 inches of space between the seat of the chair and the table. This common gap fits comfortably. However, there is always a possibility to create a customized dining experience. You can start with a dining table that you love and a combination of upholstery chairs of your choice.

Choose The Right Material

Choosing the right material for your dining table set is vital. With so many common materials available it sometimes becomes difficult to choose the right one. By following the design layout of your dining room you can decide whether to choose a solid wood dining table to make your space look classy. Wood is the most considerable choice now because it is highly durable and easy to repair. However, you can choose wood veneer, an affordable alternative to wood. Stone tabletops are also taking the vibe. However, you can also consider the tinted version of class table tops stainless steel and man-made material molded into several shapes with plastic and laminates.

Check On Sturdy & Reliable Construction

Last but not least a reliable construction of a dining table is necessary. The decent dining table will be sturdy and well made with a high-class finish to withstand the most. Whatever material you choose for your dining people make sure to have a reliable construction. A custom-made dining table can be more reliable than the market brought. Ensure that what is joined strongly with attachments. However, the more solid your dining table set is, the longer it will last.


A dining table set is a great investment. When it comes to designing your dining room with a new dining table set feel free to mix and match. With a wide variety of dining table sets available in Houston, search online for furniture stores in Houston and you will get quality dining sets. Create an ultimate space to share moments with your family and a replaceable time with your friends.