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Regular maintenance of drainage systems consists of periodically flushing the drainage pipes. It is important to have the correct water pressure at the nozzle in order to improve efficiency and how much pressure needed and tight then are important to know. A number of technical aspects play an important role here.


Flushing a drain with too high water pressure can cause damage. This goes for both the drain itself and the ground around it. The water then passes through the wall of the drain and can thus destroy the filter cloth. Too much pressure can loosen the soil around the drain pipe and soak it with water. After removing the nozzle, the water pressure in the drain decreases and soil particles can flow from the outside to the inside. These soil particles can then remain stuck in the wall or coating. The result is structural damage around the drain pipe. The drainage will then work less well and will clog much more quickly.


It is therefore very important to have safe and low water pressure. The specially designed nozzle from NRC already offers optimal cleaning with a water pressure of 7 to 10 bar at the nozzle. This pressure loosens any dirt in the drain pipe. The loosened dirt is then carried by the rinsing water along the nozzle and is discharged to the outside.

Water capacity

In order to be able to guarantee a good flushing of the drain pipes use high pressure and tight then, it is important that the pump has sufficient water capacity. For effective drainage cleaning, the effect of rinsing is indeed more important than the cleaning itself. The suction diaphragm pump used by NRC has a maximum capacity of no less than 142 liters per minute.

NRC drain cleaner

NRC supplies a drain cleaner which makes it possible to maintain drain lines safely thanks to

  • a nozzle that cleans with low water pressure and
  • a pump that provides plenty of water for a perfect rinse.

This is also an important criterion for agricultural contractors and subcontractors to consider when choosing the right drain cleaner.

Drain cleaning

As a specialist in efficient and safe drainage pipe cleaning, NRC has acquired a great deal of knowledge and experience in this area over the past four decades.

Through multiple contacts with customers, contractors and agricultural subcontractors, we know the requirements and conditions for proper drain cleaning. With active product development, both for machines and accessories, we aim to offer a distinctive product. 

A stable machine, easy to order online and delivered quickly. So with a competitive price/quality ratio. In addition to information about NRC drain cleaners, we would also like to share our knowledge and practical experiences with you.

Because: Knowledge is power. NRC also applies the following rule: sharing is also our strength! You can contact us any time. All our contact details available on our official website. Contact now for high quality services at low prices.

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