Only people who are not aware of the nuances of the skincare routine think that cleansing is easy. It really is not!

Even though there are lesser variables than in other procedures, but that does not make cleansing any easier.

There are so many errors that you can possibly make during cleansing that can cause skin issues that then require the help of the Best Dermatologist in Rawalpindi.

So, knowing the common skincare mistakes and avoiding them like the plague is important for to keep your skin healthier.

Common skincare mistakes

Limiting to one wash only

Washing your face just once a day and using only one technique per wash is not entirely a good enough. You need to wash your face twice a day, once in the morning and once at night.

Moreover, there are certain impurities that occur on account of oil, and some are water-soluble. So, you might need to use two cleansing techniques. First, use an oil-based cleanser to dissolve and remove the makeup. And then second, to clean your face overall.

Strong cleansers

Using strong cleansers is never the answer. For people with sensitive and dry skin, harsh cleansers can have grave implications. Similarly, for combination skin as well, a strong cleanser might not be safe.

The misconception is stronger when people with oily skin use it. They think that they need a stronger face wash to combat the oil problem but that can still be too much for your skin. When the surface becomes very dry, it can also then cause over-secretion of oil, exacerbating the problem that you wanted to address to begin with.

So, opt for mild cleansers, or those that are specifically designed to address your skin issues.

Using face wipes

Face wipes are convenient to use, we’ll give you that. One quick swipe, and your face is clean. However, you then pay also a high price for this convenience.

Most of the face wipes contain chemicals that can be too harsh for the skin. Moreover, face wipes may also call for slightly more aggressive motion to wipe off the makeup, which is not safe for the delicate facial skin.

Not following cleansing with proper care

Your skincare routine is not just about cleaning your face, but you do afterwards as well. After cleaning, you need to give your skin proper hydration, if not targeted treatment.

If you don’t follow cleansing with a moisturizer, it can cause your skin to become dry. Skin which is dry is more likely to run into problems, it is more prone to breaking, and of course, the onslaught of oil, which can then lead to acne breakouts, meriting intervention of Dermatologists in Lahore. So, moisturize your skin!