Presently, there are several steps involved in getting into CBSE schools in Pune, but the personal interview is the most fascinating one. Many kids in middle and high schools might not have ever participated in an interview. This may be their first interview, making student interview samples crucial. It is a significant admissions step since the applicant and higher authority encounter one another and understand what they are entering into. The interviewer’s objective is to evaluate each candidate’s suitability and evaluate their academic success. With specific high school interview questions, the interviewer makes the most of the opportunity to get to know the applicant.

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The Top 10 Interview Questions for High School Admission at a CBSE School in Pune Are as Follows:

1. Describe Yourself to Me:

This is a basic interview question for pupils opting for high schools in Pune. Although it appears straightforward, structuring the response is difficult. A decent response to this query should be straightforward and succinct. You can mention your grade, what you like about school, your hobbies, and one specific reason why you’re thrilled about this school.

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2. What Are Your Areas of Weakness?

This interview question is frequently asked throughout the high school admissions process. The easiest way to answer this question is to talk about a specific area of your life that you’d want to strengthen. It can be your ability to take notes or your active engagement in the lesson. Please avoid acting negatively as you respond to this inquiry.

3. What Are Your Areas of Strength?

It’s important to watch your self-promotion as you respond to this question. Consider what empowers you to overcome challenges and come up with insightful responses. It might be effective communication, leadership abilities, or a willingness to solve problems. Regardless of the description you use, provide examples to support it.

4. What Are the Areas You Want to Strengthen?

This query can be included in the list of interview questions for students. Although it is never simple to openly acknowledge or realize your flaws, if you do so, you’re already on the right track. Therefore, if you respond positively to this question and bravely recognize your inadequacies, you are already on the path to progress.

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5. What Do You Enjoy Doing in Your Spare Time?

This question is asked during a private school interview to help the interviewer determine the student’s interests and whether the school can accommodate them. Additionally, it gives you a chance to talk about your extracurricular interests. For example, it would be like the icing on the cake if a child enjoys performing and the school offers musical training.

6. What Are Your Favourite and Least Favourite Subjects, respectively?

The administration of high schools in Pune can learn more about you and your interests by answering this question. Therefore, be completely honest about your preferences for and against the topic. It won’t help if you answer that the listeners want to hear. The response to this question can help you showcase your strengths and improve on your faults in a teacher-student interview.

7. If There Is Something That Has Been Your Greatest Obstacle:

The subject of your difficulties can be challenging to broach. Nobody wants to give the impression that they are powerless. It would be better if you discussed how you dealt with them. Describe your major obstacle as well as any deficiencies you have encountered. This will enable the interviewer in CBSE schools in Pune to see you with a positive perspective on how you handled difficulty.

8. Describe Your Family to Me:

One of the most typical interview questions is this one. You do not need to list every member of your family in the description. The listener is curious about your reaction to them. You may give an example of family activity. You might also talk about how they served as an influence for both you and your siblings.

9. What One Accomplishment Are You Most Proud of?

You can discuss your proudest experiences in the student interview questions and answers while responding to this question. For example, you could discuss how well you did in mathematics, a subject you had earlier found difficult, in your summative assessment. This will show the interviewer that you are prepared to put in additional effort to accomplish your goals. Achievement can be modest or large, but it will never be quantified.

10. What Made You Apply for Admission into This Institution?

The interviewer wants to understand what fascinates you or what motivated you to apply to their institution with this question. You might discuss their unique method of instruction or the advantages the institutions share with you. You must be clear about these details and explain how they will be advantageous to you.

Helpful Suggestions for Successfully Completing the Question-and-Answer Session:

Getting ready for an interview involves more than just writing English interview questions for the pupils. You’ll want to stand out by showcasing your great personal qualities and traits. The following interview advice for high schools in Pune can help you leave a lasting impression on the interviewers:

a) Wear proper clothing according to uniforms or clothing guidelines.

b) Aim to arrive at the interview on time.

c) Complete a thorough investigation of the institution.

d) When responding, be courteous and sincere.


Since interviews call for face-to-face interaction, they are useful during the admissions process. Simply put, the interviewer wants to learn more about you and hear you talk with assurance. Your suitability for the position is determined in part by the interview questions and answers. When you are well-prepared and confident, it may sound a little stressful, but it is quite easy. Therefore, it is essential to prepare for the interview in all respects, including preparing your responses and yourself. The top interview questions listed above will assist you if you plan to attend an interview shortly.