If internet is slow in PC or computer then there can be many reasons behind it. You can improve your internet speed by trying these tricks.

In the Corona era, most people are working from home, so it is very important to have good internet service. If the internet is slow, then its effect can be seen at work as well. Not only this, due to slow internet, files or even pictures are not downloaded. Apart from this, the work also does not get completed on time. If your web search scrolling speed is slow then there is no need to be surprised, rather understand that the Computer internet is very slow.

Sometimes people are just not familiar with the inner function while working on the computer. Let us know that there is a series of problems in the wind range, which can slow down the internet. Although some of these can be fixed and some are beyond the control of the users. At the same time, sometimes the internet becomes slow due to the internal function of the computer, so whenever you face such problems, then follow these tricks.

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Clear History and Cookies

Many times while working we keep searching for many things, it fills up the storage somewhere. On the other hand, talk about cookies, it is a text file which is small pieces of data, it is used as an ID to your computer to surf online. The more websites you visit, the more cookies you pick up and these cookies slow down the internet. So when the internet is slow in the computer, first of all delete the history and cookies.

There may also be a problem with the website

Many times we search different websites, but when it is not open, we tell the reason for this to the Internet. Although the website can also be the reason behind this, which you are accessing. At the same time, both the Internet server and the website can have an operational issue and it can also be an attack of bots or DDOS (Distributed Denial of Service). This is a type of cyber attack that disrupts the network, due to which the internet service also becomes slow. At the same time, sometimes the internet becomes slow because many people are searching the same website at the same time.

Using System Mechanic Software

There is no charge for using this software for one month in the beginning, but a fee is charged for its use later. System Mechanic is a type of software package that helps you reduce the performance of your computer. Along with this, it also helps to overcome the problems related to the computer. Which contains cookies or other things. This software also optimizes bad Wi-Fi connections and frees up storage space so that your PC can surf at a faster speed. Whereas System Mechanic software tracks the inner working process of the computer. Due to which the internet speed is not slow.

If Subpar Wifi Router

The wifi router beams internet service to your room, however as long as you are within range you will get good service. And not all routers will necessarily work to provide better quality service in all areas of your location. If the problem is the router, then you can use a Wi-Fi router booster or a stronger cable so that the singles come in good and, the speed also gets better. Working women must take care of these things related to router.

Upgrade Internet Service or PC

If your internet service is consistently slow, then check the service provider. Check your current subscription with your Internet service provider. You may need to upgrade for speed. Upgrading can make a huge difference to you. Apart from internet service, sometimes PC or laptop also needs to be upgraded. If you use a regular computer, it is important to upgrade it from time to time.

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