Diamonds are forever, and that’s the sentiment behind one of the most successful marketing campaigns in history. Beginning in 1952, De Beers Ltd. ran a photograph and TV advertising campaign that touts the diamond’s superior quality and durability.

The ads showed happy couples exchanging diamond rings and often ended with the tag line “It’s a love story written in diamonds.” The campaign was so successful that by 1997, De Beers’ market share for diamonds had reached almost 70%.

Are Diamonds Forever?

Diamond is considered the world’s hardest naturally occurring material. Still, diamonds can be broken with a standard hammer. There is a distinction between “hard” and “tough” materials. People are frequently startled when someone manages to chip in their $10,000 diamond ring.

Besides, diamond degrades and transforms into graphite over time. While many people believe their diamond ring will last forever when they hear the adage “diamonds are forever,” in reality, it will eventually turn into graphite.

You can find innumerable videos of people shattering gems with a hammer on YouTube just searching for “smashing a diamond.” 

Types of Diamonds

Diamond cuts come in various shapes and sizes, from round to fancy princess cuts. Different diamond shapes can also have several colors: pink, yellow, brown, black, blue, and green.

Natural Diamonds

Diamonds mined in ethical and sustainable ways usually carry a higher value. They make an exceptional choice for those who care about environmental conservation.

Natural Colored Diamonds

The demand for naturally colored diamonds has increased recently. It now includes pink, yellow, blue, purple, violet, red, green, gray, white, and black diamonds, among others.

Man-Made Diamonds

Diamonds that have been artificially generated in a laboratory are man-made diamonds. Recent technological advancements have made this more affordable and available. As technology advances and more people realize the benefits of lab grown diamonds, their popularity and sales have gained traction.

Lab created diamonds are produced by growing tiny crystals in a lab instead of mining them from the ground. Thus, they are environmentally friendly and more sustainable than traditional diamond production methods.

Treated Diamonds

Natural diamonds are artificially enhanced by inclusion filling or color enhancement. These types of diamonds are treated diamonds. They are typically far less expensive than natural diamonds.

The Greatest Diamond Marketing Campaign of All Time

Several great diamond marketing campaigns have stood the test of time. Still, one of the most successful was De Beers’ “The Dream Weaver” campaign. This effort helped promote diamonds as a luxury item. It shifted public perception about diamonds from being only valuable for their

 eye-catching sparkle. The campaign portrayed diamonds as possessing unique qualities that are in sync with the wearer.

They Marketed Diamonds are Rare

There are many diamonds. Around the globe, some mines are entirely stocked with diamonds. If you enter one of these mines, the ground will be covered in millions of diamonds.

Since significant diamond mines were found in South Africa in 1870, diamonds are no longer rare. Suddenly, there were tons of diamonds to be had. The British investors who set up the South African mines understood that diamonds’ worth was based on how rare they were. Especially considering the low inherent value of diamonds.

They had no other option except to combine all the mines into one massive corporation, after which they took over the diamond business. Their objective? Managing the demand for and supply of diamonds.

They Marketed Diamonds are Forever

Despite being the world’s most complex naturally occurring material, diamonds can still be broken with a standard hammer. There is a distinction between “hard” and “tough” materials. People are frequently startled when they manage to chip in their $10,000 diamond ring.

Additionally, with time diamond degrades and transforms into graphite. Although when people hear the slogan “diamonds are forever,.” They tend to think that their diamond ring will last forever. In reality, it will ultimately turn into graphite.

You can find innumerable videos of people shattering gems with a hammer on YouTube just searching for “smashing a diamond.” This is because “diamonds are forever” is another concept from the best advertising campaign ever.

Buying Diamonds is Easy

I’ll give you the second brilliant idea behind this effective marketing strategy. Your engagement ring’s cost should equal two months of your pay. The custom of marriage has nothing to do with this regulation. Before De Beers’ invention in the 1980s, no one had ever heard of such a power.

This regulation was entirely created by a De Beers marketing initiative. The saying persists even today: “You need to spend two months’ pay on your engagement ring, right?” 

Instead of following a recommendation for a specified sum, they opted to use two months’ worth of salaries. This idea is brilliant because it can be used by anyone. You can spend two months’ worth of wages on an engagement ring, whether you’re wealthy, middle class, or impoverished.

A two-month income is not too much compared to what it can be used to buy. This is due to the phrase “A Diamond Is Forever,” which should never be forgotten.

Technological Advancements of the Diamond Industry

The diamond enterprise has seen a lot of technological advancements in the past few years. Many thrilling things are waiting to happen in the future.

One of the most current advancements in the development of lab-created diamonds. These diamonds are made by infusing natural diamonds with carbon dioxide. It heats them up until they revert to their natural form. This process allows the creation of diamonds identical to natural ones in every way, including quality, color, and clarity.

Lab created diamonds have several benefits over traditional diamonds. They’re cheaper to produce, environmentally friendly, and last longer than regular diamonds. They’re also resistant to wear and tear, meaning they can be worn many times without losing their shine or color.

The diamond industry is growing rapidly. Undoubtedly, lab-created diamonds will play an essential role in its future growth.

Sum Up

The “Diamonds Are Forever” marketing campaign is still the greatest ever. It has defied the trial of time and continues to inspire marketers everywhere. Whether you’re looking to create a memorable marketing campaign for your business, or just to be reminded of what was once the best, this article reminds you the power of strategically marketing diamonds to the majority of people in an effective manner.

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