The last couple of years have been crazy in terms of practically everything. Life, relationships, career, and so on and so forth. These things have been majorly crossing paths with your health, skin, and even hair. After all, it is not an absurd accusation. 

Our life has interfered with our health and body time in and again. A life full of stress does not quite act in favor of our body. You must be wondering, why is this person talking about stress in a hairstyling article. 

Well, did you know that stress has got a vital role when it comes to affecting your body and hair? Now coming to the question, how does it affect your hairstyling practices? 

We all know how excess stress can trigger hair fall. The hair fall issues can sometimes make it difficult for us to manage those ‘oh so lovely’ lengths. This is exactly when we need a new hairstyle. 

The Popular Hairstyles To Go With

The quarantined couple of years have successfully maintained its focus on adoring one’s natural texture & sporting a no-fuss hairstyle- for obvious reasons. The only Friday rager that we got to experience was, either a movie night on our couch or a zoom call movie or dinner date. 

It did make us a bit lazy. However, 2022 has been gearing up since the very beginning to call for a fresh start, in matters of styling your hair. The new year brings to us a bunch of new hairstyles that would be perfect in completing our ‘haven’t stepped out in a while’ look. 

However, it is hard to ignore how low-maintenance styling has been establishing its position in the dominion of the salon. People tend to prefer low maintenance and statement haircuts. Usually, because they look effortlessly beautiful and are a perfect fit for your busy schedule.

Here are some of the trendy haircuts that you can go for this year.

Textured Layering

This can be your go-to haircut if you have got fine hair, naturally. Who does not like to have a little texture? The layers are usually added, improvising the hair from midway down towards the end of the hair. 

Make sure to not lose too much volume when styling your hair into layers. For it is a common thing most women suffer. Communicate well with your hairstylist.

A Short & Wild Shag

Are you the woman in possession of a curly head? 

A classic wild shag is all that you need to compliment those curls. This is the ultimate ‘cool girl’ hairdo. 

Collarbone Blunt

Collarbones have always been considered as one of the erogenous zones of the human body. Even the cosmetic industry portrays, highlighting, and contouring of the collarbones. 

Now, imagine giving your hair that classic blunt look,- where the end of your hair gently brushes against your collarbones. Just gonna rest it there. I hope to have made quite the point. 

A Softly Curved Bob

Be it, Mila Kunis or Selena Gomez, almost every Hollywood actress have been seen sporting this old Hollywood hairstyle. This seems to have never lost its charm. 

The primary features of this hairstyle would be a deep side parting, along with soft ends, and some charming curves.

The Grazing Cheekbone Bob Of The 90’s 

Another erogenous zone when it comes to the fashion industry. The cosmetic industry has launched individual products, especially to help our ‘cheeky bone’ stand out. One would undoubtedly be the rouge or the modern-day blusher, and the others would be a bronzer and a highlighter. 

Now, imagine poise razor-sharp ends juxtaposed with super glossy strands that create a ‘grazing’ effect on your cheekbones. That is exactly what you’ll get if you are planning to opt for this classy li’l number. 

This extremely low-maintenance hairdo has never really been off the charts. 

Face Curtains 

Yup, you’ve guessed it right.

I am obviously referring to the all-time favorite curtain bangs. These are perfect for those who do not want to compromise on their lengths. Yet, want their hair to look stylish. This can even give you a retro finish. 

These are super-duper hassle-free. All you need is a good shampoo, some serum, and some excellent blow drying. The kind that blows your mind out of your head. *giggles*

The 1970’s Long Cut

“Life is short,

But your hair doesn’t have to be.”

This 70’s trend is sure to give you that ultimate Rapunzel feel. These gentle feathery fluffs are evergreen when talking about lengths. This modern-day long cut, might just nod back to those long-haired damsels of the past decades. 

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Textured Lob

“Getting your hair done…

Is like taking a mini vacation.”

It might sound a bit confusing when you hear the word for the first time at your hair stylists’. Let me explain!

A textured lob is basically limiting your haircut mainly to one length. Do not add too many layers. This hairdo has the potential of making your hair enviously thick, at least by the looks of it. 

The lob cut is the ideal ‘roll-out-of-bed’ or ‘woke up like this’ go-to. Especially on those days when you’re running late. Which is most days. 

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A Grown-Out Crop

Time for some grown outcropping. Belonging to the ‘short hair don’t care’ clan. This is one of the most elegant crops that you can sport this year. 

This crop can be well textured with some side swept bangs & some charming layering.

All you need is a little bit of hand brushing, and you are all set. 

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Trust me when I say that; there can be no substitute for new hair when it comes to making you feel confident. A new hairdo is always the most accessible way to make you look as well as feel pretty. 

You can try out the above hairstyles in case you want to make a life-altering decision.