Asafoetida or Hing is dried latex that is extracted from the taproot of many species of Ferula, a perennial herb local to the East Mediterranean and Central Asian regions. The asafoetida resin is normally overwhelmed by the use of a mortar and pestle because of its difficult surface.

 Asafoetida is a common factor observed in most Indian households and is used for cooking purposes. It has medicinal makes use as well. The most common problems of the belly like fuel, irritable bowel syndrome, bloating, intestinal malicious program infection, and flatulence can all be treated with this magical element. It has both anti-inflammatory and anti-spasmodic houses that help in assuaging these varieties of health problems. Uses of ‘thing’ for weight reduction are pretty not unusual, too. You take Tadalista super active for treating men’s health issues.

Mentioned below are the dietary residences of hing for a serving length of one hundred gms.

Benefits of Asafoetida for Your Body

Asafoetida holds its very personal area in the Indian kitchen. It is generously used for tempering diverse dals and different vegetarian dishes. Let us look at the many advantages of hiring:

For Health

The fitness benefits of hing have made it a distinguished fixture inside Indian kitchens.

1. Reduces Bloating

Asafoetida has been used as a home remedy for belly issues because ages. It is loaded with anti-spasmodic in conjunction with anti-inflammatory houses. It helps in decreasing bloating, flatulence, fuel, and irritable bowel syndrome. It is also acknowledged to fight intestinal worms and Tadalista 60 men’s health issues.

2. Helps Relieve Asthma

Asafoetida helps in relieving a number of respiratory problems particularly allergies, dry cough, and bronchitis thru its anti-inflammatory homes. It also can be used to alleviate chest congestion and phlegm. Asafoetida is likewise acknowledged to incorporate anti-viral and antibiotic homes. Mix a touch little bit of hing and dry ginger powder with honey for a mystical solution to your respiratory troubles mainly in the course of the seasonal modifications.

3. Helps Lower Blood Pressure

Asafoetida is a superb blood thinner and can assist in reducing your blood stress levels. It carries the essential compound Coumarin that improves blood go with flow within the body thereby reducing the chances of clot formation.

4. Helps Reduce Menstrual Pain

Asafoetida can provide a remedy for menstrual pain. With its herbal capacity to thin the blood, it aids in smoothening the manner of blood flow to diverse components of the frame. This allows for decreasing cramps all through menstruation and also reduces cramps inside the lower abdomen and returned. It additionally promotes the secretion of the hormone progesterone for the body which helps in clean blood flow thereby providing relief from menstrual pains.

A lady with menstrual pain

5. Treats Headaches Naturally

The anti-inflammatory residences of hing reduce the irritation of the blood vessels in the head thereby commencing the pressure on them and helping in lowering your headache. The anti-viral homes of hing can also treat the commonplace flu.

6. Cures Insect Bites

Asafoetida is understood to be a herbal antidote for numerous insect bites and painful stings.

7. Helps Cure Indigestion

The antioxidant houses of asafoetida can help in overcoming indigestion troubles. Drinking water with a pinch of hing can also offer instant alleviation from heartburn.

8. Acts as a Laxative

Hing is understood for its laxative residences and allows for preventing constipation.

9. Good for Diabetic People

Asafoetida has been recognized to help the pancreatic cells in secreting more insulin inside the frame which leads to retaining wholesome blood sugar tiers.

10. Treats Nerve Disorders

Asafoetida has homes that stimulate the nerves in the body. It is particularly recommended in the case of convulsion, hysteria, and other kinds of nerve issues.

11. Helps Fight Free Radicals

The effective antioxidant houses of hing protect the cells within the body from damaging free radicals. They are regarded to assist in lowering the malignant cells within the body with their anti-carcinogenic belongings.

For Skin

Apart from fitness advantages, asafoetida has many uses that advantage our skin as nicely.

1. Aids in Reducing Acne

Acne is a common pore and skin problem that we all cope with now and again. Applying asafoetida on the infected component mixed with fuller earth and rose water can assist in decreasing zits. Its anti-inflammatory houses help in fighting zits manufacturing whilst its anti-bacterial homes assist in lowering the boom of rashes as well as zits on the pores and skin.

2. Gives You a Glowing Face

Asafoetida enables in growing and delivery of oxygen to the facial tissues which adds a glow to your face.

A woman with sparkling skin

3. Treat Corns and Calluses

Known for its moisturizing houses; asafoetida may be used to deal with corns and calluses.

4. Makes the Skin Colour Lighter

Tyrosine is answerable for the darkish patches and untimely growing older pores and skin. Asafoetida limits the production of Tyrosine in our body making the skin appear fairer and brighter.

5. Moisturises the Skin

The moisturizing residences in asafoetida are notable for dry pores and skin. It reduces dullness and pigmentation in the skin to a seen volume.

6. Anti-getting older Properties

The anti-growing old homes of asafoetida make it an excellent desire to apply as the principle aspect for face masks that fights wrinkles.

For Hair

The superb properties of asafoetida assist in preserving a healthful scalp which in flip improves the electricity of the hair and its texture.

1. Acts as a Good conditioner

Experiencing problems with dry and frizzy hair? Mix asafoetida, yogurt, and almond oil and practice it on your hair as a hair conditioner. Its moisturizing residences act as a wonderful hair conditioner agent.

2. Restores the pH Balance in the Scalp

Asafoetida has residences that help in restoring and replenish the pH balance of your hair and make it healthful and strong.

3. Reduces Hair Fall

Asafoetida is likewise acknowledged to reduce hair fall.

How to Use Hing for Cooking Purposes

Hing has numerous blessings inclusive of being able to reduce illnesses of the stomach. Let us study a way to use hing inside the cooking technique.

If you’re the usage of hing inside the shape of lumps, overwhelm it with the usage of a crusher and mix it with water to form a paste after which add it to your recipe. In this manner, you can get a brisker taste

with a rich aroma. Use only a touch of this powder as it would be a whole lot more potent than the already powdered bureaucracy.

For the ones of you who just like the robust aroma, roast the thing in warm oil for a few seconds and then upload the greens or the dal. Remember to be brief within the roasting procedure as it can burn very without problems.

Uses of asafoetida can be seen whilst making many soup and meat dishes. Steep a pinch of hing in a cup of warm water and add it to your dish in the direction of the stop to retain that specific flavor.

Asafoetida with a mortar and pestle

Precautionary Tips

Asafoetida is a secure element to eat for maximum people. But people with the subsequent records need to be careful about their intake of asafoetida in their food.

1. Avoid it Before a Surgery

Asafoetida has blood thinning properties and ought to be prevented in case you are approximate to undergo surgical treatment. It may additionally boom the probabilities of bleeding all through and submit surgical operation.

2. Stomach Issues

Asafoetida can be a reason for irritation in your GI tract in case you already have an infection or any other GI difficulty.

3. Hypertension

If you are already under medication for your excessive blood strain then ingesting asafoetida may interfere in controlling your BP.


Asafoetida is a mystical element that can work wonders for your frame. Here are a few Faqs for you to recognize when to exercise caution or keep away from the consumption of asafoetida:

1. Are There Any Side Effects of Asafoetida?

While asafoetida powder blessings had been regarded by us for a long time, it comes with its percentage of facet consequences. Following are the aspect results of asafoetida.

Swollen lips

Swelling of lips has been observed in a few humans after they ate up asafoetida. This commonly goes away on its personal after some hours.

Causes gasoline or even diarrhea

Increased consumption of asafoetida is connected to causing gasoline and even diarrhea in a few cases.

Skin rashes

It has been observed that few human beings increase skin rashes or bumps as a result of the use of too much hing in their foods.

Causes headaches and dizziness

Some humans have complained of complications and dizziness after consuming things. These are transient reactions and depart in some hours.

Most of the side effects of hing subside in some hours, however, if you still see the symptoms persisting attain out to your health practitioner for similar help.

2. Is It Safe to Give Asafoetida to Babies and Kids?

Asafoetida needs to now not be given orally to any infant below the age of 8 months. You can massage the infant’s belly with asafoetida and plain water to launch gas or ease his colic ache. For babies, you can introduce a pinch of asafoetida to their weight-reduction plan even as tempering dals. You also can upload them to various vegetable dishes.

3. Should Pregnant and Breastfeeding Moms Consume Hing?

Asafoetida must be avoided while you are pregnant or in case you are breastfeeding your toddler. Asafoetida in being pregnant can reason a miscarriage. If you devour asafoetida even as breastfeeding, the chemical residences of asafoetida may get handed to your little one via your breast milk causing bleeding disorders.

Adding a small pinch of asafoetida to your meals can help you attain its advantages immensely. Asafoetida suits the general public, however, undergo in mind that you should follow the precautionary hints noted inside the article and seek advice from a physician if you feel ill.

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