Do you want longer and fuller hair quickly? If the answer is a big yes, then there are two options. You can go to a salon for professional treatment or experiment with human hair clip-in hair extensions.

Human hair clip-in hair extensions are a commitment-free approach for adding length, volume, or body to your hair.But most of us have seen hair extension disasters in celebrities and real life. However, if you follow a few easy rules, getting your hair extensions just perfect is easy.

We’ll go over clip-in FAQs and how to install human hair clip-in hair extensions for newbies. Grab your popcorn as we spill all the hair tea.

FAQs about human hair clip-in hair extensionsAnswered!

Can you wear human hair clip-in hair extensions every day?

The short answer is yes. Human hair clip-in hair extensionscan be worn on a daily basis. But to avoid any damage to your hair follicles, it is best to skip wearing clip-ins weighing more than 180 grams.The weight of the clip-in wefts is excessive, especially on delicate hair, and it will tear out hair one by one, finally creating gaps and bald places.

So, it would be best if you did not use human hair clip-in hair extensions daily.

Can you wear an updo with human hair clip-in extensions?

Yes you can wear your hair in any style, exercise, and do most other activities without damaging the human hair clip-in hair extensions.

What happens when you shower while wearing clip-in extensions?

If you end up forgetting one time to remove your human hair clip-in hair extensions before showering, you will be fine. But keep in mind that over washing will weaken your wefts and cause the wefts on your clip-ins to weaken faster. The result will be a gorgeous hair extension that slips.

Do clip-in hair extensions cause pain?

The most likely source of your discomfort is that your human hair clip-in hair extensions are too close to the roots, putting pressure on your scalp. Hair extensions that have been placed too close to the scalp will normally protrude somewhat because they are too close to the head to rest flat.

That is why hair extension placement is important. A well-fitted hair extension doesn’t cause discomfort or pain. 

How frequently should you wash your clip-in hair extensions?

It would be best if you wash your human hair clip-in hair extensions about every 15-20 wears or whenever you observe product buildup. The fewer times your hair extensions are washed, the longer they will last.

Since extensions do not acquire oils from our scalp like our actual hair, clip-in hair extensions do not need to be washed as frequently as other hair extensions.

Do clip-on extensions easily fall out?

If your clip-in hair extensions are installed poorly and are not clipped in properly, they will most likely fall or become loose. Proper application is key to securing clip-ins.

How can you conceal clip-in hair extensions?

Here are 3 most popular and easiest ways you can conceal your clip-ins:

  1. Trimming your clip-in hair extensions to blend nicely with your natural hair.
  2. For women with fine hair, gently tease the hair around the area where you want to clip in your hair extensions.
  3. Alternatively you can also spritz your hair with dry shampoo to create traction so those clips stay in place.

How long should your hair be to wear extensions?

If you want to use human hair balayage clip in hair extensions before and after, your hair should be at least 14 inches long or roughly 35 centimeters. Any hair shorter than that, then blending the hair extension with your natural hair will be tricky but not impossible.

Are clip-ins damaging?

Human hair clip-in hair extensions inflict no more damage to your hair than a really tight ponytail. But, daily use or extended usage isn’t ideal because of the tension it adds to your roots.

For the same reason, if you have fine or delicate hair, it’s best to explore other less damaging hair enhancement alternatives like Halo hair extensions from Halo Couture. They are 100% damage-free and perfect for all hair types.

Are clip-in extensions worth the money?

Clip in hair extensions human hair are worthwhile for anyone wishing to change their appearance without committing to a long-term commitment. They are also one of the easiest types of hair extensions to use.

Plus, the clips are held by silicone strips, which help to minimize damage and uncomfortable snagging to your natural hair.

How to install curly clip-in hair extensionscorrectly.

Before and after curly clip-in hair extensions

Step. 1

  1. Make a low part in your hair and clip the remainder up on top of your head.
  2. If your hair is thinner/finer, you’ll rapidly run out of hair to clip your extensions! So make sure you have enough clip-ins at hand.

Step. 2

  1. Attach the longest pieces first.
  2. Make sure you clip it a couple of inches below the roots and that it feels solid. This is because it’s a pain to hunt through your hair afterward to discover a loose clip!

Step. 3

  1. Repeat steps 1 and 2, but slightly higher on your scalp this time.

Step. 4

  1. Section off more hair higher on your scalp and clip in the three-clip piece on the right side of your head.
  2. Follow this up with the other three-clip piece on the left side.

Step. 5

  1. Use your curling iron to fix the loose pieces.

Note: This is an important step because there will be some sections of your natural hair or extensions that aren’t placed quite correctly.


If you’ve been on the fence about whether or not to get clip in hair extensions, we hope this blog has helped steer you in making an informed decision. With little styling and upkeep, you, too, can flaunt thick and Rapunzel-like hair!

If you are looking for the finest human hair clip-in hair extensions, give Halo Couture a try. Search for “ tape in hair extensions salon near me” to create the look you desire!

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