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Food and Beverage tradeshows, exhibitions, and conferences are the ideal marketing and networking opportunity for businesses notwithstanding size. The event will be attended by potential customers so it is vital that attendees have an idea of how to attract attention.

Once a budget has been outlined, and businesses have estimated the costs, there are several things that should be considered, before taking part in a Food and Beverage exhibition.

The following factors need to be discussed with a contractor before the final display:

Stand Design

A basic requirement in an exhibition stand design for Fmcg Export To Nigeria is a company name, along with products or services that are clearly visible to customers from the aisles. This is the best chance to incorporate company branding and logos.


Trade shows are buzzing venues and attendees should be able to move around all exhibition stands freely and easily. It is the duty of the company to make it certain that the stand is fully accessible to, all visitors; and that all products are displayed clearly. It is good to make it sure the staff manning the stand leave visitors to freely browse stands for a while, before leaping in with a sales pitch.

Product Placement

When exhibiting for Fmcg Export To Nigeria businesses should also pick a single product or service to display at the forefront of the stand. This makes it clear what is being exhibited beyond any doubt. If other products are being sold or displayed, they need to be kept separate from the main product.


There is nothing more off-putting to a prospective customer than a poorly lit display. Do ensure the stand is well lit, as are the products and internal space. Businesses have to promote themselves so a welcoming and cheery atmosphere will make a great impact on the prospective customers. Based on the nature of the product on display, darker atmospheric lighting would work just as well.


One valuable tip for organizing a fruitful exhibition stand is to provide comfortable seating arrangements for visitors. If the visitors are interested in a product and can discuss it, privately, with a representative of the company they are much more likely to make a purchase. If space allows, offering refreshments and freebies is also a good idea to make companies stand out.

The Nutshell

For companies, no matter the size and industries, tradeshows cum conferences are a great experience and means of raising brand awareness. This simple but effective guide mentions only a few points that can help make a really memorable stand. Always think about these factors to create a great impression on potential customers.