For some reason, scientists haven’t fully discovered why there are more and more cases of autism in different parts of the world, which is a type of disability that has no cure but that can become a matter of functioning, depending on the treatment and degree that the person has of autism.

Autism is a condition that has several behavioural disorders, psychological and social disorders and language disorders, and in some cases even motor condition. 

Currently 1 of every 100 children have a diagnosis of autism in some degree, it is a very high number, but it is compensated with the fact that there are more specialists of this subject, and the medical advances are helping these people integrate in the society with their special characteristics.

Below we will share 5 things everyone should know about autism and the people who are autistic.

1) Children with autism are not rude or have tantrums, it is simply that their condition doesn’t allow them to develop socially and this may generate feelings of frustration in them.

2) People with autism may be functional, study a career, have jobs and have a family, but the therapeutic support es important for them to have these achievements.

3) Autistic people are very brilliant, structured, with a great memory and capable of developing complex interests.

4) An early diagnosis of autism may help the person to integrate sooner to society and make their disability less severe.

5) There are levels of autism that are almost imperceptible, this is why many people are diagnosed until they are adults, after a whole life of feeling that they couldn’t function in society.

It is important to pay attention to babies’ behaviour, specially before they are 3 or 4 years old, such as delay in development, repetitive movements, absence of language and the lack of visual contact may be some signs or alarm in the youngest and, therefore, if there are any suspicions it is important to go to the paediatrician.

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