There are many popular sake brands; among these, Dassai is the latest and finest sake brand. It’s growing in popularity recently due to its ingredients and way of brewing it. It is one of the smooth forms of sake with a premium item with the perfect brewery process to retain its taste and consistency.

The numbers of the sake indicate the degree of polishing its rice. If it’s Dassai 23, there have been 23% of rice polishing. The main concept behind it is that the lower the number or degree, the higher the polish of the rice grain. Depending on this, you can get high-quality sake.

What Sets Dassai Apart from the Rest?

The Dassai is a premium sake with a high rice polishing ratio. The delicate brewing process assures quality. It has an additional fruity flavor with a clean and soft finish. If taking it the first time, it is better to take it in the right dose for the right results. This is where you need to rely on an authentic sake brewing store.

The Dassai Junmai Daiginjo gives attention to the rice brewing process, creating a sweet brew with a honey aftertaste. You can get its elegant aroma in the true sense in chilling wine. Don’t get the Dassai from a random store online. Instead, try to choose from a reliable store and check manufacturing details to get a premium one. Therefore, the number of the sake indicates an intrinsic part of the brand and its quality.

Which Can be the Best Dassai Option?

No one can decide on the right Dassai, as it depends on one’s personal preference. The best sake mainly depends on budget, taste, and the food you pair it with. If you wish to taste the right and quality sake, check its rice brewing process and manufacturing details. Dassai 23 and 45 are type of Junmai Daiginjo. There is no use of additional brewer’s alcohol during the brewing process. Besides, there is 50% of rice polishing as per its original size. Therefore, it is better to consume these in chilling conditions to enjoy their flavor at its best.

Taste Premium Dassai Online on a Budget

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