This includes Reels, which is the best way to get more reach on your Instagram account after buying Instagram followers Nigeria. But, don’t worry! If you’re interested in getting into Instagram reels and would like to utilize Canva instead of jumping onto the camera, you’ll be happy since I’m going to teach you how to make Instagram reels using Canva by following just a few steps.

Step 1: Go to Canva and Open up an Instagram Stories Size Document

You should log into your Canva account, then go to the upper right-hand corner. Click the button that says to create an idea. It will then open the drop-down menu, where you can choose to create an Instagram story and a style. When you click the option to create a design, it will display an empty template from which you can begin to build your brand new Instagram reel. If you’re not keen on starting with an unfinished design, you can use the search bar located at the highest point of the Canva website and search for Instagram reels to view ready-made templates, to begin with.

Step 2: Create A Cover Page

When you create the template for your Canva Instagram reel, it’s divided into three parts. The first part of the design includes the “cover” Slide in which you’ll add the headline of your actual. A cover should contain an intriguing headline that grabs the attention of your target audience and tells the audience the story behind your Instagram reel will be about.

Step 3: Create the Steps / Tips Pages

After you’ve finished your cover slide, create the steps or tips within the Instagram real. The example I’m providing today comprises three steps, and consequently, I’ve designed three slides. Each slide is accompanied by a number so the person can know where they are in the step-by-step process. I’ve changed the images, animations, and text for each tip to ensure that they grab the viewers’ attention and keep them interested.

Step 4: Create a Call to Action Page

Not least, you should include an “action page. The page should be used to provide a prompt that you would like to offer your audience, which will also tell them what to do. In this instance, I’ve utilized an example question as a call to action that instructs the viewer to write down the answer in the comment area.

Step 5: Add Animate the Page, Text, or Photos

We are nearly done with creating the visuals for our real-time Instagram video; we need to add animations to make the video move and keep it visually engaging. This can be done with the help of text animations and page animations within Canva. You will find animation options in the upper bar in Canva. Canva design.

Step 6: Change the Timing of Each Page

After you’ve created the animation enhancements you’d like to incorporate into your Canva template, you’ll be able to modify the timing of each slide in your Canva template to ensure that it’s neither too short nor not too long. You’ll need to experiment with this.  suggested keeping each slide at 4 minutes or less.

Step 7 Save as an MP4 (using the Canva mobile application)

Once you’ve completed your design, you’ll need to download and export the design to video. The kind of file that you download is an MP4. I suggest downloading the Canva app to your mobile device. This will make it easier to save an MP4 and upload it directly onto Instagram and the application.

Step 8: Add to Instagram Reels and add music or add a voice Over.

Once you’re in your Instagram app and have begun making your Instagram real-life account, you can upload your video to the real world and include music or voiceover within the Instagram app.

Select Your Cover (or add an image in your Gallery)

When you press the publish button, you have the option to alter the cover image you show on the Instagram feed. You can also use a separate Canva design to create this cover image. You will need to download the image to the camera gallery on your phone and click ADD from Gallery to include the photo as your cover photo for Instagram. Instagram real.

Step 10: Add your Caption and Hashtag, and Tweet it!

Before hitting the publish button, make sure to include hashtags and captions. I suggest limiting the caption you use and hashtags to this section. If you’d like to add 30 hashtags, I would suggest posting them in the comments section of the actual. The reason is that captions can be difficult to read when they load onto the upper part of the clip. My opinion is that the fewer words you include in your caption, the more effective.

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