When a company is buying heavy equipment like a Moffett forklift, the management must ensure that it is working correctly, so warehouse accidents can be avoided. Businesses can ensure that the operators are trained because they can help reduce warehouse accidents.

How to Select a Moffett Forklift?

Businesses need to know the criteria for selecting a forklift. According to heavy equipment experts, the company management should know how to select a forklift because this is also a way to avoid accidents.

  1.   What business is the company dealing with?
  2.   How much space is in a warehouse?
  3.   What is the weight of items to be carried?
  4.   What is the maximum height reached?
  5.   What is the surface of the terrain?

What Accidents Can Occur in a Warehouse?

According to statistics, most accidents happening in a warehouse occur because of forklifts. Businesses need to know about the accidents because their causes are associated with the training of the forklift operators.

Objects Falling off the Racks

Objects falling from racks are a major issue when the forklifts are working in a warehouse. This accident happens when the forklift has more than the recommended weight and the vehicle losses its balance.

Operators Tripping from the Forklifts

Often, the operators are in a hurry to climb on and get down the forklift. In this way, they get hurt by tripping over. Other accident types that can cause injuries include slipping and falling. Sometimes the operators injure themselves and can fall on other people.

Accidents Related to Hazardous Materials

Many businesses deal with hazardous materials, and they have to be shipped from one place to the other within the warehouse. If these materials are mishandled, then they can cause damage to the property and workers.

Piggyback Truck Crashing

There can be several reasons for the forklift crashing into the on-coming things, like the forklift is moving too fast, taking abrupt turns, and not stopping at the right time. The forklift can also crash into the used flatbed trucks standing in the loading area for sale.

Reasons for having Moffett Forklift Training

The main reason for hiring trained operators is that the accidents mentioned above are avoided. In this way, the safety of operators and people working around the forklifts is maintained. Also, the vehicle, assets, and property are saved from damage. Other reasons for having forklift training include;

Task Completed in Less Time

If five employees complete transferring goods in an hour, the same weight will be transferred under half the time by a forklift that you purchased from dealers like Truck Forklifts. The time of the supply chain will speed up, and the delivery of the consignment will always be at the right time.

Reduced Asset Loss

When operators are careful with carrying the goods, controlling the forklift speed, and being cautious when lifting the goods, then accidents will be avoided, and the business’s assets will not be damaged.

Less Damage to the Forklifts

A forklift is also damaged when accidents happen, but proper training includes maintaining the right speed, lifting the recommended weight, and ensuring the pallets are at the right height. These three points will ensure that the forklift is saved from damage.

Boost the Profits of Business

When the supply chain runs smoothly and uninterrupted, then the business’s sales will increase. This will result in boosting the profits of the company. Also, the reputation of the business will become good.

Maintenance and Repair Costs are Reduced

Driving the forklift safely will ensure minimal damage done to the vehicle. Another point that the businesses have to focus on is the inspection of the forklift is an essential part of training. So, these two factors, driving carefully and proper inspection, will reduce the cost of maintenance and repairs.

Abide by the OSHA Rules and Regulations

If a business has hired a Moffett forklift operator who is not certified, it violates the OSHA regulations. The management can be heavily fined, and other penalties will be put on the company.

Businesses should know what accidents can occur in a warehouse and how forklift training help reduce the risks.

Below are three questions that will further explain the qualities of operators, types of forklifts, and what not to do with the forklift.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the most important qualities in a forklift operator?

The Moffett forklift operators should have the ability to think quickly in dangerous situations, they should have good communicational skills, and the operators must be trained and willing to learn new skills.

What type of forklifts are there?

Businesses can consider buying from the following types of forklifts;

  1.       Electric Forklifts
  2.       Order Pickers
  3.       Rough-terrain forklifts
  4.       Internal Combustion Forklifts
  5.       High-Capacity Forklifts
  6.       Pallet Stackers
  7.       Reach Trucks
  8.       Pallet Jacks

What can you not do with a forklift?

The operators must be careful when driving a forklift to ensure safety. Driving the forklift at high speed, lifting more than the recommended height when transporting items, transporting people on the forklifts, don’t change direction abruptly, and never increase speed.