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Couch stains are one of the most common stains you’ll find in your home, and they can be challenging to remove due to how far they are set into the material. This video will show you how to clean couch stains on standard materials such as couches and cushions, rugs, upholstery, etc. Depending on the type of material the couch or cushion is made from, different methods will work better than others. So take notes because you might want to try a few different things if your initial approach doesn’t work! you can check the best hard water stain remover .

Fabric Furniture

Couch Cleaning Croydon is an integral part of couch cleaning because upholstery can quickly become stained with any liquid. If you spill red wine on your favorite comfy chair, do not try to clean it immediately, or a stain will remain. Instead, treat it as soon as possible by blotting up any excess liquid and letting it air dry for a few days before you begin cleaning it.

Then mix mild soap or detergent in warm water and dab at the affected area until completely clean. For most stains, it’s best to use a damp cloth instead of a wet one so that water doesn’t seep into crevices, where it may be difficult to remove later. It may take several treatments over several days, but don’t give up! Couch Cleaning Croydon professionals know how important it is to get out those stubborn stains!

Upholstered Furniture

Ensure you clean up right away if you spill any liquid (including grease, soda, or food) onto your upholstered furniture. Try blotting it with a paper towel to absorb as much of it as possible, then dampen a cleaning cloth with water and wipe over the top. If needed, rub over the stain gently with a household cleaner appropriate for upholstery (such as soapy water), rinse well with clean water, and let dry completely before putting furniture back into use. If a stain remains after using these methods, consult a professional about other options. Most stains can be removed by an experienced professional.

Leather Furniture

Because leather is a natural material, it’s prone to absorb both dirt and liquids. (Remember, Leather hides. It used to belong to an animal.) That makes cleaning your couch—which you can expect will probably get a bit dirty over time—no easy task. Still, it’s possible. If your couch gets dirty from pets or children, clean it according to these instructions: Cleaning Leather Furniture. Otherwise, follow these steps for general cleaning:

  • Vacuum up all loose debris with a soft brush attachment;
  • Use a sponge dampened with water to wipe down all surfaces;
  • Use saddle soap to condition leather furniture;
  • Buff dry with a soft cloth. If that doesn’t work, try using Murphy Oil Soap diluted in warm water and follow up with saddle soap as above.

Other Materials

Couch Cleaning Croydon can be done using an easy and inexpensive homemade method. All you need is Water, Dishwashing Liquid, Vinegar, Lemon Juice, and an Old Cloth. Mix a 50/50 solution of water and vinegar in a spray bottle. Soak your cloth in it and apply liberally to any stains on your sofa.