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Too much stress is one of the common factors as to why we can’t fall asleep. Especially nowadays that most people are too busy with their schedules and barely have time for themselves. Other factors that may affect our sleeping are the lack of healthy nutrients in our body, anxiety, overthinking life decisions, and or physical injuries or pain. Frequent experiences of this kind of discomfort can lead to a much more serious disorder commonly referred to as insomnia. When diagnosed with insomnia, a person may have difficulty falling asleep, staying asleep, and getting a decent night’s sleep.

In today’s time, it is common to struggle with the issue of falling asleep quickly. It has become such a well-known problem that we frequently see many individuals posting about it on all sorts of social media platforms. Though it is common among the youth, it can be a cause of much more complicated problems to our health. Not only that, we also tend to get frustrated whenever we experience difficulty in sleeping, causing more stress on ourselves which does not improve our situation but rather worsen it. 

In line with that, here are some tips in order to fall asleep quicker:

Practice Breathing Exercises

Breathing exercises can not only help you reduce stress and anxiety but also help you calm down your nerves, making you fall asleep faster.  Including breathing and other meditation and yoga exercises before bed may allow us to have a quicker and deeper sleep. 

Lessen your Screen Time

It is quite understandable as to why most people nowadays are attached to their phones, as most of our lives revolve around it. According to a study, our gadgets produce a blue light that stimulates our brain and suppresses it making it hard for us to “switch off” our brains and go to sleep. Disconnecting from your electronics a couple of hours before night will help you begin to relax and allow your brain to set for bedtime. 


Despite being present in your body naturally, melatonin may also be purchased as a supplement. It has been revealed that they promote sleep either by increasing the synthesis of hormones that promote sleep or by reducing brain activity. This supplement which is melatonin, may have greater advantages for those who suffer from falling asleep extremely late and waking up very late the next day. CBD Gummies by Vena are a source of melatonin not only to help us fall asleep quicker but also to receive a good night’s sleep.

Fix your position

Your sleeping position may be the root of this problem, and you might not know about it. It is important to know and understand the proper ways of positioning yourself in order for you to get a comfortable sleep and also go to sleep quickly. According to most people, the side position appears to be associated with high-quality sleep, despite the fact that personal preferences are a major consideration when choosing a sleeping position. Needless to say, your body posture throughout the night may affect how well you sleep.  


It is also extremely important to keep track of how we live our life as this may be the cause of why we can’t go to sleep. Regularly exercising along with a proper and healthy diet can definitely help us solve our problems regarding sleeping. Not only that, but it can also help us improve our overall health. 

Your sleeping patterns, lifestyle decisions, and medical issues are just a few potential causes of your difficulty in sleeping. While some reasons are mild and may be treated at home, others could necessitate that you consult a doctor. Lack of sleep can have detrimental impacts on a variety of bodily and mental processes, including memory, learning, mood, and emotions, as well as several biological processes. The majority believes that having these erratic and disorganized sleeping cycles is acceptable because it is much more prevalent among young people, but in reality, it can be harmful to one’s health. As a result, we should start ditching these bad behaviors and adopting a healthy lifestyle. Even though it may seem challenging to quit these behaviors, little actions might eventually result in significant improvements.