What exactly is TikTok LIVE?

TikTok LIVE is a platform feature that allows users and producers to engage in real time with their followers/audiences via live streaming. TikTok is known for its short-form videos that include filters, effects, emoticons, and camera control. 

How does one go live on TikTok?

  • Start the app by tapping the “Create” (+) symbol in the bottom centre of the screen.
  • To begin using TikTok LIVE, click “LIVE” beside the record button.
  • Add a thumbnail image and a title to your live stream.
  • Finally, press the “Go LIVE” button to start your broadcast. 

Best Practices for TikTok LIVE:

Making the most of a platform you’re going to live on is one of the worst things you can do as a developer. So, to prevent making the same error, here are some best practices attempts before hitting the “Go LIVE” button on TikTok.

Make a note of it:

Don’t rely on beginner’s luck here; instead, create a detailed plan outlining all aspects of your TikTok LIVE approach, beginning with the primary aim.

Everything revolves around timing:

Get started Being there for your audience at the moment, on most social media platforms, is pure gold. Who is your intended audience? Is it mothers or coaches? Professionals with side businesses or pro-gamers? Once you’ve determined your specialty, go live when your target audience is most engaged on TikTok. It will help you increase interaction and grow excitement for future live streaming.

Don’t make it too long or too short:

Going on for hours at a time, no matter how much you want to, might be tiresome. You might not contribute much value to your audience. So, keep your live broadcast length in mind. While going too short is not recommended (it defeats the idea of a live broadcast), going too long is also not recommended. Instead, go to the midway and spend around 30 minutes there.

How to Go TikTok Live? The Ultimate Guide:

Instructions in Steps:

It’s finally time to start broadcasting! To begin, follow these easy steps:

  • Open the app and tap on the “+” camera symbol to access TikTok LIVE.
  • Then, from the navigation bar at the bottom of the screen, pick “LIVE.”
  • Choose a picture for your broadcast and create a title (you can change this later).
  • Then, press the “Go LIVE” button. Your followers will now receive an announcement that you are going live!
  • To stop recording the live broadcast, hit the “X” in the top-left corner of the screen.

Tips for maximising TikTok live streams:

Choose a time when your target audience is most engaged. TikTok’s statistics are rather sophisticated, allowing you to track follower behaviour. This tool is to know when and on what days your followers will see your material. To get this information, go to Creator tools -> Analytics -> Followers.

Set up good lighting:

It helps maintain your audience’s attention on you rather than being distracted by poor vision.


You may go live for up to 60 minutes. However, TikTok suggests that you confine your streams to 30 minutes.