Anyone can reach their fitness goals, but the reality is that you’ll have to get over some physical, mental, and emotional hurdles first. In this article, Ilija Jahura talks about tips on making it easier to get over those hurdles and across the finish line. 

Some incredibly effective hacks out there continue to go underutilized, and this list will bring to light the ones that seem to have universal success.

Write Down Your Goals

You can think of the words “I want to get fit” all day in your mind. But what does that mean for you? Achieving any fitness goal is rarely only one goal. It involves a subset of smaller goals that are hard to identify if you don’t go out of your way.

Writing down your goals will give them a place to live outside of your head, making them more tangible. You can put your goals where you’ll see them daily to help keep you inspired and accountable. 

Track Your Progress

Whether with pen and paper or a fitness tracker, tracking your progress is an excellent way to keep yourself motivated. The more you can see the improvements you’ve been making, the more you can maintain the momentum. 

When tracking your goals, recognize that change isn’t immediate, so don’t be discouraged if you haven’t seen a significant difference in a week. But once you’re looking at a month or two, you’ll be wowed by the progress you’ve made and encouraged to keep going.

Work Out with a Friend

What better way to make your workout fun than adding a friend or two? Taking a class with a friend or having a buddy to hold you accountable for your goals can majorly impact your results.

Friends can also get you out of your head and help you focus on the workouts. And you’re more likely to show up for yourself if you know your friends will be there to work on their goals, too.

Cycle Through Activities and Workouts

Not everyone wants to eat the same breakfast daily, so why do it for your exercise routine? Doing the same exercise every day can become dull quickly. If your brain can’t stay engaged, you’re much less likely to initiate the workout and more likely to get complacent. 

You can alternate between different workouts each day that focus on specific muscle groups, or you could throw yourself a massive curveball and do something out-of-the-box like taking a new class or trying a new sport. There’s no need to hold on to a rigid plan if you realize your heart’s not in it, so keep yourself on your toes!

Who Is Ilija Jahura?

With his strong fitness and health consulting background, Ilija Jahura helps his clients in Kelowna, British Columbia, achieve greatness. He provides his clients with a custom mixture of diet planning, strength training, and cardiovascular and hypertrophy training, creating a uniquely designed program for their needs. 

Ilija is passionate about his work, citing that while fitness is essential, it’s always secondary to helping his clients feel confident in their bodies.