It’s important to clean your chimney every year, but a masonry chimney should be cleaned every few years except if you burn a fire every day during the winter. There are sobering statistics regarding house fires spreading from chimney fires, especially since they can cause death and injury to people. The cause of many of those fires is built-up creosote, as well as deficiencies in your chimney lining and structure, which allow high temperatures, embers and sparks to reach combustible areas that are adjacent to your chimney. This is why you need regular chimney inspection Dallas service.

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With On-Time Home Experts, you can have a thorough and secure chimney inspection. We guarantee the quality of our work in addition to providing numerous references, both commercial and residential. Call us today to schedule your chimney inspection! To keep your home dust-free, we provide reasonably priced services from our Professional cleaners.. Our professional cleaners ensure that your home is dust-free. Their services are reasonably priced.

What makes us different from the other Chimney inspection services?

Despite minor damage, it is possible for it to grow into a larger, more extensive repair in the future. The chimney can be cleaned on the same day if needed. 

During our home inspection, we look for signs of damage or wear and tear both inside and outside your home. We ensure the chimney is free from debris (leaves, nests, etc.). In order to use your fireplace, you need to make sure nothing is blocking the venting of smoke, gas, and ash. We examine your chimney and fireplace to make sure combustibles cannot ignite any building materials. Our inspection shows if your chimney’s walls have been compromised with creosote buildup. We provide full Chimney inspection services to keep your home safe and secure.