This is a very common question that someone knows the password to your linked Google account and now is using it. The users need not worry as in this blog we aim to guide them so that they can tackle this situation and can get rid of it. 

Double checking the settings 

One of the most common ways which the users can try to fix the issue of someone is using my email address is to check the settings of the account. The users need to check the devices on which their account is logged in and if there is any device that is not theirs, the users need to log out from it. 

After the log out the users can change the password of their account so that no one else can access their account without their permission and cannot use it to steal their data. 

Onlinehubb is a platform which users can use to gather more information about this issue so that they can know more about protecting their account and keeping it safe. The users will find all the desired information they need from this website so they should try to visit it at least once.