Much like any other industrial sector you might be working in, the automotive industry has a lot of competition and innovation. However, most of such innovations get made by small-time car enthusiasts and companies. They often lack the proper platform to showcase their products. This is also the reason why many such manufacturers struggle with finding proper marketing techniques. 

This is where auto expos and trade shows come in. Participating in an auto trade show will give you a platform to introduce your products to potential customers. The physical presence of both parties, along with a high concentration of professionals and experts, makes auto expos the best place for any small-time manufacturer to be. 

A properly planned demonstration and the right interactions with potential customers can help you win a big contract. Basically, an auto expo is something you cannot miss out on in the automotive industry. 

However, there are some fundamental ways that you need to keep in mind in order to make the most of your efforts at such a meeting. Mentioned here are some similar tips you can implement in your next auto trade show exhibition. 

Hand Out New Promotional Items:

 This is one of the best ways to attract all the attention at an auto expo. There are only a handful of companies that have not yet invested in launching promotional items. However, the availability of such products all around the market further inhibits the potential of attracting customers to such shows. 

Since they are already well-versed with the products, there is no reason they will be more interested in it now. However, you can counter this by handing out more fun, industry-relevant, and fun products. Products like key chains, car-themes calendars, air fresheners, and toy cars are great choices. 

  • Assign The Right People:

Finding potential clients at an auto expo is all about communication and interacting with strangers present there. The people you assign to man your booth should be good conversationalists, engaging, knowledgeable, and friendly. If for that you need to hire outside representatives, there are no problems with that. 

However, sending someone who is shy and cannot hold a conversation will only bring down the value of your products and undermine the chances of you cracking a big deal. The automotive industry consists of much more than just tires companies and automakers. There are many small-time companies that supply big-name brands with advanced tech, the latest machines, and others things. Nevertheless, in order to do that, you will first have to make a sale. 

With these two tips, you can surely make a big impact at the auto show this year. You can also take the help of established shows like the ones hosted by West Africa Automotive.