India is on the list of top ten countries on the planet to use solar power with full enthusiasm. So, this country has been taking fast steps towards elective energy sources like wind and sun power and has set up a forceful sustainable power establishment target of 175 GW. There are many best solar module company India.India is the fastest developing economy on the planet and fast commercialization has prompted an expanded carbon footprint for the country. So, to make India clean and green, solar panel companies taking on an alternative method of power like wind and solar seem to be the main response. As per another report by Bridge to India, the country is set to walk forcefully towards its solar focus with expected establishments of 14 GW. To accomplish its objective, India has reported a bunch of strategies for advancing sun energy adoption in the country. Here we explain some best solar module companies in India. Read this article till the end.

Best Solar module companies in India

Waaree Energies Ltd

Waaree Energies Ltd., established in 1989, is a Mumbai-based organization having a huge presence in over 360+ areas in India and 68 abroad. Also, our magnificent 2 GW module fabricating unit at Surat, is one of the main solar panel Producers in India.

TATA power solar system

This is one of the best solar panel companies in India. The organization flaunts a stronghold on residential rooftop solar panels and has sent around 1.4 GW of solar modules overall throughout 20 years.

Vikram Solar

This company serves over six continents.  Also, Vikram Solar is one the biggest solar panel organizations giving mono and bifacial solar modules. They have introduced and installed more than 1355 MW of solar projects across India. Vikram Solar has a more than 1 GW solar panel producing capacity and a 10 kW floating solar plant in Kolkata.

Jakson Solar Modules

Jakson manufactures solar modules from 160 WP to 600 WP in both full-cell and half-cut cells. The module fabricating is supported by a powerful Research and Development, Testing, and Quality Control process. So, this makes Jakson the best solar module company in India.

Adani solar

Adani solar has a place with the 15 biggest utility solar power developers around the world. They make solar panel cells and modules with 1.5 GW+ of cell and module capacity at Mundra, Gujarat. So, Adani solar is quite possibly of the biggest solar panel installers in India.

Microtek Solar solution

They provide many solar items for retail and business clients. Microtek solar items are produced with the latest solar technologies to convey the best outcomes. Also, their items are Photo Voltaic Modules, Power Molding Units, solar management Units, and solar combo bundles.

Loom Solar

This is a mono-perc solar panel and lithium battery producer based out of Faridabad, Haryana having an assembling capacity of 100 MW. The organization which began in 2018 has become one of the quickest-developing solar charger producers in India due to the extensive variety of solar panels from 10 watts to 450 watts high effectiveness panels.

Moser Baer Solar Ltd

This company is situated in Delhi. Moser Baer Solar Ltd gives solar panels controlled PV and EPC solutions. Their strong Research and development division empowers them to fabricate quite possibly the best solar panels in India with a twice-magnified standard guarantee.


This company started in 1992. The organization has grown up to be the biggest manufacturer of solar water warming systems across Asia. They have introduced and authorized solar PV projects of 14 MW in the North of Germany, and 13 MW rooftops, and 140 + MW in India.

RenewSys Solar

This company is a coordinated manufacturer of solar modules and key parts like solar PV cells, black sheets, and encapsulates. They have two manufacturer units in India, providing more than 40 countries around the world.

Icomm Tele

This company was establishing in 1989. The organization has arisen as a prime business concerning benefits and new utilization techniques. Their business is spread across adjoining nations, the Center East, and Africa.

Rooftop solar panel

Solar panels absorb the Sun’s radiation and convert it into energy. At the point when the sun shines onto a solar, the photovoltaic (PV) cells in the board absorb the sunlight, helping in the formation of electric flow. A rooftop solar panel refers to one where the solar panels are mounting on top of houses or business buildings.

Advantages of Rooftop solar panel

  • It is less expensive than the customary electric supply and government subsidies support to cutting down the expense.
  • Most rooftop solar panels have a future of as long as 25 years and require just essential maintenance like standard cleaning and repairs.
  • No extra land is requiring as empty rooftop space can be use for adjusting solar plates.
  • Solar is a perfect and sustainable source of energy that helps in cutting the outflow of ozone-depleting substances.


  • Solar panels are not reasonable for each kind of rooftop. For example, it may be hard to set them up on slate or cedar tiles utilized in old houses.
  • Since solar is a major monetary investment, it may not be an ideal decision for young mortgage holders who could be moving in the coming long.