If you don’t like to invest a lot of time into cleaning your bathrooms or kitchens, then hitting this specific chore list might seem a bit exhausting. Although you can always hire London Utility Services for professional maintenance, putting in the required, daily routine effort is crucial.

And even when you aren’t a cleaning freak, the feeling of everything being sparkling clean is certainly peaceful.

Maintaining your bathrooms and kitchens is crucial. Not only because you have to keep them clean but to ensure a hygienic environment for your family.

Moreover, these specific two areas have a deep connection with your drainage and plumbing system. And to maintain it, you must look into all effective ways to keep your kitchens and bathrooms clean and hygienic.

How to Keep Your Bathrooms and Kitchens Clean?

If you invest a little time, every second day in keeping your spaces clean; it won’t take a toll on you either.

1. Kitchen Counters and Shelves:

For the kitchen, always keep the counters and shelves clean. These are your “food prep” areas and you must keep them hygienic at all times. Use a mild detergent for this purpose.

You can also use a disinfectant at the end, given that we have been fighting a pandemic for the past two years. Many countertop brands have specific cleaning agents and it is best to stick to them. It is recommended that you clean these surfaces daily before you start prepping your food and afterwards too. All it takes is 2 minutes.

2. Floors:

Your floors are a huge investment. And if not cleaned properly, they can easily wear down. In order to keep their sparkle alive, you must clean them regularly. It is best to clean them with mild detergent and water.

But always consider the “Type” of floor you have. Cleaning the floors at least twice or thrice per week can help you keep their sparkle alive. It is best if you keep your outdoor and indoor shoes separate. Do not walk into the kitchen with outdoor, dirty shoes. It also helps in minimizing the dirt and germs that might follow indoors.

London Utility Services
London Utility Services

3. Keep the Drains Cleans:

This is important for kitchens and bathrooms both. You don’t want to end up with clogged drains. If you have one, it is best to call in an Emergency Plumber West London service to get it fixed right away as it can cause permanent blockage which costs a lot more to fix and requires a lot of time as well.

Keeping the drains clean on your own, is also possible. Utilize mild drain cleaning solutions. Make sure that you do not run abrasive chemical solutions down the drains. For kitchens, it is best to avoid throwing food remnants down the sink.

Run hot water through the sink drains at least once every week to clean any remaining items from the pipes. For bathrooms, it is best to remove hair and other particles from the drains. Clean your bathrooms every second day to ensure cleanliness and hygiene.

4. Detailed Inspections:

If your drainage system is causing trouble in the bathroom or kitchen, it is best to hire London utility services for detailed inspections. Moreover, it is recommended that you schedule an annual, professional, in-depth cleaning with the experts too.

This helps you in maintaining your homes from the inside out. There are many reputable and reliable services that you can count on, for example, London Utility Services is a trustworthy name in the industry.


Deep cleaning is an important part of home maintenance. And as kitchens and bathrooms are two of the most utilized spaces of a home; it is crucial that you pay attention to their cleanliness. With these simple tips, you can definitely keep your homes hygienic and clean at all times.

We hope you find them helpful. Create a cleaning plan or routine and follow it diligently to keep your home in a good shape, for the years to come.