Khula Rules in Pakistan for Muslims:

 If you wish to know Muslim khula rules in Pakistan for law firm Pakistan, you may contact Nazia Law Associates. In Muslim law, If a non-Muslim believes in Islam, i.e., in the event that he believes God is the only God and that Prophet Mohammad is his messenger can be believed that he has assimilated himself to Islam. However, the moment a Muslim quits his belief in Islam and apostasies. The act is referred to as an act of apostasy. Prior to the passage in the Dissolution of Muslim Marriage Act 9-9 and khula rules in Pakistan for law firm Pakistan, any apostasy committed by either of the parties to a marriage, in fact, dissolves the marriage and immediately dissolves the marriage takes place.

Wife Repents of Islam:

The date at which the wife repents of Islam is the date she becomes the husband, and should a person take her away during the Iddat, the crime of adultery as per. 9 in the Pakistan Penal Code would not be committed. During Iddat, if a woman is married to another person after an apostasy, she will have no guilt of largely as per Pakistan Penal Code.

Shia Law:

 However, according to Shia law, when it comes to an unconsummated wedding, only apostasy is a cause for immediate divorce under khula rules in Pakistan for law firm Pakistan and for a marriage that is consummated, at the end of the iddat period, the marriage will be dissolved. After the passing of the Dissolution Act Muslim Marriage Act, 9 9, the law was modified. In accordance with Section 9 in the Act.

Law Firm Pakistan:

Regarding the khula rules in Pakistan for law firm Pakistan the renunciation of Islam by the spouse of a Muslim female or the conversion of her to a religion different from Islam will not in itself result in the annulment of her marriage.” In the event of a renunciation or conversion wife can apply for an order for the dissolution of her marriage for any of the reasons listed in Section 1 of the Act. However, the rules of this section do not apply to women who converted to Islam from another religion but who are able to reaffirm their former religion.

Summarizes order:

The law that is currently in force regarding the apostasy issue can be summarized under: ) apostasy committed by Husband If a Muslim husband repents to Islam, the marriage is dissolved immediately. The provision in 9 of the act of 9 for khula rules in Pakistan for law firm Pakistan does not apply to apostasy committed by the husband. It is the result that the husband’s apostasy is still subject to the old law that states the renunciation of Islam in the presence of a husband is regarded as a severance of marriage.

Muslim Husband:

When the Muslim husband, who is a Muslim, converts to another faith, his marriage dissolves immediately in which the woman ceases being a Muslim spouse of the husband. In this way, the wife is no longer subject to Muslim laws and is entitled to marry a different person without waiting for the iddat date. ) apostasy in the home by the wife: