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Most internet services are as yet controlled by conventional lead-acid batteries. These energy storage frameworks, while customary, are massive and weighty. Their obsolete innovation makes them have low productivity, decreased valuable life, the hazard of disappointment, and, most importantly, high costs with renting huge spaces, cooling the climate, and work. ⠀

The ZTT LifePO4 Lithium Battery brought to the market a new and complex innovation, created to supplant fixed batteries with significantly more proficiency, economy, and solidness. At present, it is the most current energy reinforcement framework, with the best money-saving advantage.

Follow this similar article and comprehend the reason why the LifePO4 Battery is the ideal decision for your internet service!

Storage Space

In areas of extraordinary metropolitan fixation, the quest for a spot to distribute frameworks for Telecom organizations can be a test. Areas are restricted and frequently with high rental rates. So what might be the most ideal choice for cases like this?

Ordinary battery frameworks, like lead, are massive and weighty. For the establishment, a huge and supported space is required, and this makes the expense of renting and securing higher. That is, more costs and more cerebral pains, which may not be the best choice.

The ZTT LifePO4 Lithium Battery, then again, is a conservative stockpiling framework. It is viable with the 19″ rack, being 4.5x lighter and 2x more modest than different frameworks. But, it has a lot higher energy yield.

More investment funds for your pocket and more effectiveness for your organization.

Energy Saving

An organization that is liable for the climate, is worried about the cost of electric energy that is produced. Also, how does the decision of the energy stockpiling framework influence this case?

Assuming the decision is a lead battery, it is essential to bring up that the electric bill will turn out to be changed over into a misfortune. All things considered, this working framework requires the climate to be for all time cooled for appropriate working. With the establishment and upkeep of coolers, the month-to-month cost rises decisively. There is additionally the vital support of this gear, which winds up troubling the activity.

The ZTT LiFePO4 Lithium Battery is totally unique. As well as abstaining from the utilization of refrigeration or temperature control, it tends to be introduced outside. This is conceivable in light of the fact that the lithium battery upholds temperatures of up to 55º C.

No additional costs with refrigeration hardware, lower costs with power, and ‘agreeable’ to the climate.


One of the greatest worries of internet service is the off chance that the power framework fizzles.

Also, for this not to occur, customary batteries require occasional support to guarantee their solidness and the appropriate working of the framework.

Created with the most recent innovation, the ZTT LiFePO4 Lithium Battery has programmed evening out between cells, charge status marker, and issue cautioning.

That is, it disposes of the need to spend on preventive upkeep and kills stresses.


Last however critical is the assurance of an energy stockpiling framework.

While lead batteries just have a 2-year guarantee, the ZTT LifePO4 Lithium Battery has a 5-year plant guarantee.

Also, one of the most concerning issues looked at by suppliers that utilize lead batteries is the conceivable robbery of hardware. Nonetheless, this isn’t true with the ZTT LifePO4 Lithium Battery, as lithium has low piece esteem on the lookout, guaranteeing the security of the framework.

With this multitude of correlations, it’s not difficult to pick the most ideal choice for your organization’s energy stockpiling framework, right?

Pick a brand that is inseparable from trust and provenance on the planet market and take the future to your internet service. ZTT Cable is the most ideal decision.