As we all know, Japanese names can be quite unique and interesting. Some of them have a meaning behind them, while others may just be catchy. In this article, we take a look at the name Lwyrup meaning in japanese and see what its meaning is. We also explore where it comes from and how it might be pronounced.

What is Lwyrup?

Lwyrup is a transliteration of the Japanese name, Rurupi. This name is derived from the word “uru” meaning “jellyfish”. Rurupi is also the Japanese word for “starfish”. The name may be considered to be a combination of these two words.

The origin of this name is unknown, but it may have originated in Japan.

Where did the word

“lwyrup” originate?
According to the japanese names with dark meanings dictionary Jisho, the word lwyrup is derived from the Japanese word “ryuu”, meaning dragon. The word was likely coined in reference to the ferocious appearance of some of Japan’s dragons. Today, lwyrup is used as a term to describe something that is impressive or powerful.

How does the pronunciation of

Japanese name “Lwyrup” differ from English?

Japanese name “Lwyrup” is a combination of two words, “Lwyru” and “uppu”. The word “Lwyru” means ‘firefly’ in Welsh and is pronounced as /lˈwɪrʌp/ in English. The second word, “uppu”, means ‘water droplet’. Together, these two words create the Japanese name “Lwyrup”.

What does Lwyrup mean?

Lwyrup is a Japanese name that means “clear water.” It is likely derived from the word for “river” (Lw) and the suffix -rup, which usually indicates clarity.


“Lwyrup” is a Japanese baby name that means “happy and gentle.” The name originated in the Aichi area of Japan, where it was borne by an infant girl in 1907. In modern usage, the name ranks at #332 among all currently popular baby names in the United States.


What does Lwyrup mean?

Lwyrup is a Welsh name that means “dear.”