Jesus has given you, his followers, an assignment, but the assignment is such that its pursuit would affect all areas of your life. Indeed, you would quickly realize that you don’t have the strength, resources, or ability to complete the assignment. As soon as you realize this, you may try to just avoid it or forget about it altogether. Nevertheless, you need to remember that you may face obstacles in every assignment, but also need to have that undercurrent of emotion and mental strength that God will help you overcome all obstacles. You can’t measure your strength when the task is given by God.

Great Commission Media Ministries

So, if you are one of those who are trying to preach the words of God to every sensible person, you need not get bogged down by the overwhelming task ahead of you. The task is cut out for you; you just need to choose the right path to succeed in the job. Preaching the gospel or the word of god in Israel can feel overwhelming at times, but when you think that this is God’s own country and God has chosen you to spread his word in the land where he was born and had spent a major part of his life.

The Right Approach To Preach The Gospel

If you are one of those who are associated with the great commission media ministries, you need to know that God is with you. You can go ahead and complete your assignment since his blessings are with you. However, if you are doing it in Israel, you need to know something about the people of Israel and what they know and think about Jesus. This is the right way to preach the gospel to the people of Israel.

Christianity in Israel is minuscule in numbers, but what is significant is that most of these are baptized, which means they are first-generation Christians. This leaves the scope for preaching the gospel wide open. However, this first generation of believers has come into the fold of Christianity through the untiring works of preachers. These preachers have a profound knowledge of Christianity and the life and times of Jesus in Israel.

Great Commission Media Ministries Can Help You

You can spread the word of God through social media, YouTube, and similar platforms, but to do that you need to have good knowledge of Hebrew, the local language. You also need to have good knowledge about what the people of Israel know about Jesus, his life in Israel, his work, and his gospel. Comprehensive evangelism in the Hebrew language through Great Commission Media Ministries is certainly the way to go.


If you are frustrated at not being able to preach the word of God, you need to remember that time and tide waits for none. Your job is to do your job and go on preaching on social media and other platforms. However, before embarking on your journey afresh, it is time to get a good knowledge of the words of God, the Hebrew language, and the ideas of Jewish people about Jesus