If you have the option to reward people for liking your page is a fantastic way to boost your Facebook page’s likes. It’s best to offer them something they’re interested in. For instance, if, for example, you provided an automobile to every person who follows your page, everybody would want to do it. However, offering a car to everyone who follows your page is absurd, but showing people something worth their time and that isn’t expensive can be enough to entice many people to follow your page. It could range from an eBook to your website’s worth of free usage click here.

Distribute coupons.

Simple things like offering 10% off to those who follow your page could make users like your page. Send your existing customers to know about the offer by sending them an email, as your previous customers are more likely to purchase from your site again, and discounts could be an additional incentive required.

Create a popup on your site.

Although popups are often viewed as irritating, they make a difference. Include a popup on your website that asks users to follow your site on Facebook. Since liking a page to your page on Facebook is so simple to accomplish, a lot of people will take it up.

Offer special deals regularly.

40% of users report that they are on the fence about the Facebook page because they would like to receive discounts and offers, and 30% say they prefer a page on Facebook because they would like to receive notifications about sales that are coming up and promotions. So, make sure you give them that! When you inform people that you are sharing special offers via your Facebook page regularly, you make them more likely to like your page to access these deals.

Use Facebook ads.

If you’ve got the funds, Facebook advertisements are a very effective tool. Select the page’s likes as your primary goal when you set an ad campaign. With Facebook, you’ll get immediate visibility in a manner that organic reach can only think of. This is crucially important because organic space is continually shrinking.

Complete your About Page.

In many cases, your About Page will be the first page people will likely see when they visit your profile. An attractive and well-designed about page can increase the chance of people developing interest in your profile and, ultimately, enjoying it. Include essential information, such as opening hours, email address, web address, and an engaging and concise description of your company.

I was posting at the most convenient time.

Since your reach is already restricted, you must make every effort to ensure you get the maximum impact of your posts. Also, the timings when your positions go out are essential to this. Research has shown that it’s recommended for you to publish on Facebook at around 9 a.m. or between 1 – 4 p.m; however, it’s also contingent on the descriptors of your followers. Therefore, you should try different times and keep track of the times that brought the most engagement.

Promote the Facebook pages of your friends to email lists.

If you’ve created an email newsletter, using it to expand your Facebook page is an absolute must. Send an email newsletter to let people be aware of your Facebook page. You can also include your Facebook URL in the lower part of each newsletter you distribute.

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Share content that users have created.

Sharing content created by users is a fantastic method of getting your followers involved. Still, more importantly, it improves the likelihood of a sharing from the person to who you sourced this content. Most of the time, users are constantly enticed to have your content shared with big companies.

Share behind-the-scenes content.

People love to interact with a person, not a brand. If you can share your insights into your brand and those who work for it to reduce the gap between your brand and the audience and help build personal relationships and trust. The public is much more inclined to be drawn to a brand when they know the person behind it. If they are a fan and trust you, they’ll do all they can to support you.